2020 Updated: Best Torrent Apps for Android & iOS

Best torrent apps for Android & iOS – With the help of great apps, it was now very easy to download torrent files on Android and iOS gadgets. These apps are suitable for almost all versions of Android and iOS. If you need to download torrent files to your devices, you need apps that allow you to download these files directly to your devices. You can use these torrent apps to check how downloads are processed on your desktops or how you can transfer these files.

For those who have used the torrent app in their Android device, the quality of this app will be better known. So folks, today I’m here with a list of 5 best torrent apps for Android & iOS is discussed below.

Best torrent apps for Android & iOS list

5. Rutracker Downloader

This was originally intended to download content from a specific site – the well-known torrent site rutracker.org. However, you can use the Rutracker Downloader app to download torrent content from such other torrent websites.

4th Bit torrent

The official BitTorrent app for Android is the twin sister of uTorrent App if I can put it that way. This app is a real copy of the uTorrent app. It also has a different branding and some changes to the user interface. If you are really also looking for a torrent remote app that you can use to manage your downloads or transfer them to your computer, you can try this app too.

3rd uTorrent Beta

Perhaps most of you who use torrents every day have no doubt heard about uTorrent, one of the most popular torrent clients in the world. There are no download speed limits and torrent size limits. The review of the uTorrent Beta App and the only thing that prevents me from saying that this is 2020. Updated: The best Android torrent app is the fact that it is currently only available via WiFi.

2nd Torrent tracker

The name of the app only suggests this app. Torrent Tracker is one of the most popular torrent apps in Android devices. The advantage this app is that it has safe surfing. Safe Proxy is used by this app and her passes on traffic over SSL to regulate torrent searching.

1. Kickass torrents

This app is one of 2020 Updated: Best and Latest Apps of torrents that are available for Android users, but so far, a trustworthy fan base has been built. Many users are known about this app because they are active users of their website. The developers of this app recommend using it only on devices with ARM processors.

So everything is about up there 5 best torrent apps for Android & iOS. I hope you like it, please don’t forget to share this post with others.

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