AMD confirms that details of its GPUs have been stolen

AMD announced in a statement that it had suffered graphic IP theft, but that this stolen intellectual property was not a key element in the security – or even future competitiveness – of its graphics solutions.

AMD published this on its website: “At AMD, data security and the protection of our intellectual property have priority. In December 2019, we were contacted by someone who claimed to have test files for a subset of our current and future graphics products, some of which were recently put online but have since been removed.

“Although we know that the perpetrator has additional files that have not been released, we believe that the stolen graphics IP is not at the heart of the competitiveness or security of our graphics products. We are not aware that the stranger has a different AMD IP. “

However, there have been separate claims – and of course we need to treat them with a lot of salt – that the details relate to the code for GPS graphics cards and the modified GPU of the Xbox Series X built by AMD.

As Tom’s hardware has already seen, Torrentfreak has contacted a person who claims to be the hacker who created the graphics IP in question, apparently looking for bids and believing that it is possible to do something in the order buy from $ 100 million (approximately £ 85 million, $ 170 million) from potential buyers.

As previously mentioned, Torrentfreak claims that the stolen details refer to the source code for existing Navi graphics cards as well as Big Navi (incoming high-end GPUs with RDNA 2 for PC) and Arden GPUs (for next-generation Xbox) .

Some details have already been posted online, with AMD watching two DMCA news (at least, maybe more, torrentfreak) against Github Repos that posted stolen code. Apparently there is another post with source code on 4chan. The hacker apparently told Torrentfreak that if she doesn’t get a buyer for the remaining source code, she’ll just put the entire batch online.

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