Apple: Apple will continue to pay contract Apple Park workers, including janitors and drivers

Concierges and other hourly contract workers in Apple Park continue to be paid throughout the coronavirus pandemic, with Apple guaranteeing that they will get their wages despite the fact that contractors have announced they will cut jobs.

In early March, Apple announced it would continue to pay full wages for store and service workers affected by closings worldwide after the corona virus pandemic. While this resulted in Apple Park employees working at home and maintaining their normal wages, contractors who worked on the Cupertino campus did not seem to be subject to the same measures.

The Wall Street Journal reports that hundreds of contract workers were informed by Apple contractors over the weekend that their jobs were being hired without salary or health care benefits. The suspensions were due to a reduction in the number of employees in Apple offices due to the homework policy.

Denise Solis of SEIU United Service Workers West said three-quarters of union athletes were informed of the suspensions over the weekend. According to Solis, many workers are preparing to report unemployment after hearing the news of the suspensions.

While other technology companies, including Facebook and Alphabet, paid the contractors on an hourly basis, the contractors appeared to have been told at the weekend that they would no longer pay contractors’ wages. “We were really surprised,” said Solis.

Apple spokesman Kirstin Huguet said Monday that janitorial wages would continue to rise.

“We work with all of our suppliers to ensure that hourly workers like janitors are paid in these difficult times,” said Huguet. She added that she did not know why certain contractors were aware of the suspensions.

Union drivers also had a similar problem: the WeDriveU and Hallcon Corp shuttles informed drivers that 100 of them would be fired during the week.

Entrepreneurs billed Apple at the end of the month, but apparently weren’t willing to take the risk of paying employees without guaranteeing Apple would reimburse the company, said Stacy Murphy, Vice President of Teamsters. “Apple didn’t respond by pushing it away,” said Murphy.

Apple again said in the report that drivers are paid, with the Lux Bus America transportation service as an example of its payments. Matt Brown, CEO of Lux Bus, confirmed that Apple has agreed to pay the bets for 140 people who work for the contractor and that the company has been asked to continue billing as usual.

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