Apple: Publix rolling out out contactless Apple Pay at Supermarkets amid COVID-19

Publix, a popular supermarket chain in the southern United States, has started rolling out contactless payments on several websites, including Apple Pay support.

One on Reddit by user Gabriel2790 shows an image of an internal document. “Contactless payments come into our business! What does that mean? “It says in the document. “The most popular forms of contactless payment are Apple Pay and Android Pay.”

The document then explains how customers can use contactless cell phones, smartphones, credit and debit cards and what cashiers can expect from the transaction. At the end of the document, it is stated that the business in question can accept contactless payments on March 31, 2020.

Photo credit: Reddit u / Gabriel2790

It is currently unclear whether all branches will receive the update or whether it will be introduced throughout the chain. Appleiphonestop has learned that most Publix POS devices can support the functionality and that they only need to install a software update to make the functionality available.

Apple Pay and other contactless payment methods are a convenient way to limit direct user contact with frequently touched interfaces such as payment terminals. Contactless payments are faster on average than traditional methods like paying cash, writing a check, or redeeming a card.

Photo credit: Reddit u / Gabriel2790
Photo credit: Reddit u / Gabriel2790

These two benefits are particularly important during the current COVID-19 epidemic and can help protect customers and cashiers from unnecessary exposure to the virus.

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