5 spicy ways to increase website ranking on Google

5 spicy ways to increase website ranking on Google

To increase organic traffic coming from Google we want to increase the ranking of our website on Google. But some peoples thinks that this is only happened by doing hard work. This is true but along with hard work we want to do smart work also. In this post, i am going to show you 5 ways to increase the ranking of your website on Google. Read this post carefully to understand all these things that influence your website ranking on Google.5 spicy ways to increase website ranking on Google

If you are not getting organic traffic from search engine, I think that you are doing some SEO mistakes while writing posts. To increase organic traffic on your blogs or websites follow these ways to increase your ranking.

Now I am coming to point, Here we will discuss 5 ways to increase the ranking of the website to increase organic traffic from Google. So  Read this post carefully.

5 ways to increase website ranking on Google

As we know that this is not easy to do proper Seo because around 200 factors that google consider while indexing your website on Google. So it is impossible to concrete on each and every factor. So to do this we need to do lots of hard work along with smart work. So let’s start

Update your site Regularly

You hear this work many times from many bloggers as well as internet marketings. But we need to understand in proper ways. Only update website regularly is not so important. We need to add some fresh content that our readers are like to read as well as like to share with friends. I think you all understand what I am saying here.

One another think Google is also concentrating on the quality of your content. It is very necessary to write fresh articles with great quality. Last but not the least update your blog regularly.

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While writing content you will concentrate on the quality of content not a quantity of content. And also add some beautiful images because Google also checks your images while indexing your website.

Increase speed of your website

This is one of the important ranking factors of google while indexing your website. So you want to check the speed of your website. There are no of methods are available on the internet to check loading  speed of our website. With this services,  you will check the speed of your website.

As per my experience, it is very important to keep loading speed less than 4 to 5 seconds for better search engine rankings. In the services where we check the speed of a website, it gives us some suggestions to increase the speed of a website.

Following are some tips by which you can increase your loading speed.

  • choose hosting from such hosting provider which give min. Server response. HostGator, and bluehost are a more famous hosting provider in bloggers.
  • reduce the size of images by using some plugins because images take more time to load

These are the some tips by which you can improve the performance of your website. Next important thing where we check the speed of our website? Following are the some popular website where we check loading speed

Use Proper Link Building Strategy

As we know that importance of backlinks while ranking our website on a search engine like Google, bing, etc. It is very important to use proper link building strategy to increase the ranking of your website. I am going to tell you my secret strategy that I am using from a long time to rank my website on Google. Name of that strategy is “Reverse Engineering”. As the name indicates reverse use make backlinks from where your comparators make. In the previous article, I had explained that how to check backlinks of you competitor’s website. From this process, you check backlinks of your competitors and try to link your website from the same website where your competitors were linking.

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I am very happy to say this is the really great strategy I have used to rank my website on Google. It is working really great.

Try to find out such website which has at list 50% Link Influence score. Try to link your website on such website for getting better Seo results. I will explain this strategy in details in future. But I am giving the better idea about this strategy called as reverse engineering.

  • OpenLinkProfiler.Com- Best Tool to check and analysis backlinks

Internal Linking And Outbound Links

Doing proper interlinking with your other post is very essential to increase the ranking of a website on Google. Outbound Links means put links of another authority website in your articles. These are the very ranking factors of google, there are no doubt about this. To do this property is very important.

Internal Linking:

In the internal links, all the links are coming from your own website. Doesn’t mean that you will put large numbers of links in your articles. If we are writing about AdSense then it is necessary to put link regarding your topics. If you put other links like SEO in Adsense article than this badly affect SEO of your website.

Outbound links:

In the Outbound links, Links of other good authority website are coming. Whenever you required putting the link of any authority website then you put links to that website. This is a good ranking signal for your website. But remember one thing don’t put links to your competitor’s website. Because it gives backlinks to your competitors that will reduce the ranking of your website. I think I am explaining all things regarding internal links and Outbound links.

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Increase Your Social Media Presence:

Today’s world is the world of social networking so it is necessary for our online business to make a social media presence. Due to this search Engines are easily identified your website. There are numbers of the social networking website are available on the internet. Our task is to open an account on that website and share what we write on our blog or website. And also try to make some fan base to increase your website traffic.

Following are some tips you can follow to increase your social networking traffic

  • put sharing buttons on the different website on your blog to increase blog traffic. This is easily for your readers to share your content with their friends.
  • add a widget of  fan page of facebook in your website
  • add a widget of the page of Google plus in your website
  • asked peoples to share your content with friends in the last paragraph of your article

Thoughts Finally, search engine optimization is a long process which terms is not easy to follow

I hope you like this post on “5 spicy ways to increase website ranking on Google”. If you like it than shear with you friends and family .


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