Best Logo Design Softwares and Creation Tools You Should Try

Best Logo Design Softwares and Creation Tools You Should Try

Logo design is an important part of any organization to promote its business message with targeted customers. The logo works for the bright, active and efficient transmission of companies, brands, and excellent communication towards the majority of people. When you need an excellent logo design for your business or event, you will definitely need to hire a logo designer. Aside from this, if you want to design your logo without an assistance of any of the logo designing expert, you can create amazing logos simply by using some reliable and efficient logo design software.

Most of the designers will recommend you Adobe Illustrator. As most of the expect to use it. We can call it industrial standard vector editing program due to its popularity and flexibility.There are many free online tutorials or get you started Or you can start first with Coral draw some say that it’s best for beginners. But again, once you get a grasp on the vector tools, later on, you might want to switch to Illustrator because you will think that all the professionals use illustrator than let’s give it a try.

So if you don’t want to come directly on illustrator, you can start with the Coral draw.And I’m 90% sure that in future you will jump into Adobe Illustrator. But there are more tools out there that we will list down in this article.

List of Best Logo Maker And Creation Tools in 2017

1. Adobe Illustrator


Illustrator is an integral part of Adobe Creative Part. It is considered as on the best and reliable designing software. Adobe Illustrator is a vector image/graphics editing tool used in vector drawing applications. It proficiently helps designers to create professional design & artwork. You can perform all type of designing with Adobe Illustrator, but for logo designing, it is especially supportive for professionals and newbie.

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Illustrator Training and Tutorials

2. Logomaker


If you just want to save your time, and just looking for the online logo maker then logo maker is a perfect designing destination for you. If you just need a logo to use for your online business, Logomaker is the exact solution that suits you best. Even those folks out there without any kind of designing experience can design a brand new logo in minutes using the online tool.

There is a vast selection of artwork available on Logomaker – more than 11,000 icons & images, all created and designed by professional designers. Add text, choose a font, play around with colors and spacing to create your own unique design.

3. Laughingbird


Laughingbird is one of the best designing software available out there which you, have to download and available for both Mac and Windows with a free trial scheme. Laughingbird comes with 250 templates and even more visual components, which can be splashed straight to the canvas. You can also, upload your own or import custom graphics from the web (just make sure you are not breaking any copyrights terms & conditions). There is a huge range of special effects and text, font options are available in the menu option.

4. Corel Draw


Corel Draw is another most useful editor tool used for vector drawing/designing applications. It helps designers to create professional and unique artwork and designs especially the striking logo designs. It is very easy to do a light drawing and use editing tools that mainly designed for newbie professional designers.  It is entirely packed with handy editing tools required to create excellent logo designs. These editing tools including Corel photo-paint, power-trace, Corel connects and coral capture. All these editing tools are user-friendly and provide an ease of creating most striking designs.

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5. Apple Motion


ColourMotion is a powerful motion graphics tool that makes it easy to create cinematic 2D and 3D titles, fluid transitions and practical effects in real time. Motion 5.3 introduces a clean new interface that matches Final Cut Pro and puts your work at center stage. Color support lets you see the full brilliance of your motion graphics and 3D text enhancements make animated titles more realistic. There’s even support for the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro, which puts key tools directly on your keyboard.

You can also navigate your project, adjust text formatting, fine-tune kerning and much more be using Touch Bar tools that change automatically based on what you have selected.


Basically, logos should be first created in drawing programs available in all editor tools. Illustration or drawing software creates scalable vector artwork making them perfect as the all-around logo design graphics software. For business printing, scalable EPS graphics are the format of selection and import easily into the major page layout programs for business cards, creating letterheads, and many other documents. If you have the original logo in any type of scalable vector format allows you for easy resizing without losing any quality of logo even if the closing(final) logo is needed in a bitmap format.

Some examples of Vector-based Graphics Software for Logo Design: Adobe Illustrator | CorelDRAW | Inkscape


If you are designing logos for the Web, even if created initially with illustration software, then it requires conversion to GIF, JPG, and PNG.

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A bitmap graphics software program handles that work and usually allows for other special effects, that includes simple animation. These logo design tools are suitable for integrating photo-realistic components into your logo designs for Web or print.

Some examples of Bitmap Graphics Software for Logo Design: Adobe Photoshop | Corel Photo-Paint | GIMP

Want to know More Software? Here they are⇓

Summitsoft Logo Design Studio


DesignWorkz Logo Creator

Additional Thought

To put it into a more accessible and flexible format? Yeah, as stated, illustrator. But by the others tool that mentioned above, you can also design some remarkable logos. These are Best Logo Maker And Creation Tools in 2017 from our point of view. If we missed any major editor tool please let us know in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.

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