Best Ways to Get The Cheapest Website Traffic Possible


Sometimes all you want is a cheap immersion of traffic, and you don’t much care where it comes from. Are you looking for the easiest & proper way to get a huge traffic boost on your website? Then cheap traffic will bring you targeted visitors,  ranking improvement, customers and most importantly real web traffic. Your website will be the proud beneficiary of a steady flow of website traffic & visitors, and this will finally lead to your website success.

Targeting Web Traffic?

If you are always spending for web traffic, then it is possible that every time it will not deliver the real high-quality traffic to your website. Scamming is going on over the web where you spend your money to increase your web traffic but let me warn you about the fact that’s only a robot stays/click not any real human being whenever you settled for it.

Having targeted traffic means that your site will always be pitching its products to visitors who can actually associate with them, therefore, increase your chances of making a sale. The rule to successful marketing is making a customer experience the product features & uses, followed by its value to them. Therefore having the appropriate type of visitors who knows what’s on offer means the work is already half done, all that is left is showing them its value.

There are lots of sources available online that offers you to buy website traffic at cheap rates, but not all of them are going to be beneficial to your site.  Still, if all you want is cheap visitors with no regard for quality, you can try these resources mentioned in this article.

Best Ways to Get Cheapest Website Traffic Possible


Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Quora, etc. are the major social platforms nowadays. Create great profiles on each of these social platforms. You need to make sure that what you’re selling is going to be profitable per click – i.e. if you spend $100 on advertising and minimum making an average of $110 in sales from that, so you will also get profitable.

The best way to do that is keep testing in small amounts to see how different effective methods are performing.  Facebook ads are really not that expensive, and you can target an extremely defined audience. I suggest you look up twitter tags and follow people related to your business. Build a professional LinkedIn and Quora profile and regularly share some of your latest and trending blogs.

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Advertising and SEO are definitely areas to focus on. From my personal experience, getting creative with advertising is better than just buying ad space because everyone is buying that same ad space for a similar demographic and service.

Search engine optimization has always been a major way to get free and cheap web traffic. You just need to get your belt tight, grab as much as the knowledge you can learn about keywords, meta, title, long tail keywords and get your website optimize well enough to get good ranking on those particular keywords. SEO is still and will remain the most convincing way to increase traffic for free, but for that, you have to do a lot of hard work and put your high efforts in the optimization process of your website.

Organic Local Search Listings

We all know the power of local business listing, that basically, based on your city, town, region or whether a state name. If anyone in your local area wants any services or product offered by you then that person can find you very easily if you are on the first page of the search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo in your local area listing. The struggle is not so high and can be ranked easily as well as give you some extra business.

How To Rank Your Local Business Website


Collaborating with bloggers works well too. You can also offer them a sample of your product, or whatever it is you sell, then they’ll a review or post about you. They usually share it on their social networks, and this helps you gain backlinks for SEO advancement. It depends on your product, but product reviews by bloggers or you get a list and contact them yourself. If you want to get advertisement, review your product just try out Trickbugs.


Know about E-mail marketing? Want to set up an Email server to distribute emails to your targeted audience on a regular basis?

Basically, you don’t have to spend a single penny other than your internet and laptop. For instance, don’t spend thousands of dollars on Google Adwords, and switch to email marketing. You know what you will get? Better results, potential visitors and much more resources to pull up your business but remember, send only limited emails per day and if anyone asks him/her to remove from the list then don’t wait for doing that.

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Basically, the main benefit of a  Google AdWords is that you only have to pay for a click that means when anyone actually clicks on your paid ads. Just make sure that your paid ads don’t pop up for the different niche that you don’t represent.
For example, if your website selling seeds, and then you saw that your paid ads for plant seeds rising up for searches like seed keywords, list of seeds, seed coat definition, seed tv series, seed movie, mainly the things you don’t sell, so you have to add things like “seed tv series” and “seed keywords” as negative keywords, so that your paid ads don’t pop for unmatched niche searches anymore.


Presently, the forum is an excellent source for gaining visitors attention towards your website. By becoming part of any well-established forums such as Reddit, Quora, etc. you can independently share your views and show the millions about the strength of your content and business, and because of this, you will automatically gain a good amount of traffic audience relates to your niche.

With the help of URLs in forum, signatures plays a vital role to gain much better traffic. When you posts liked by the peoples on forums and they will surely click on the link to your website on your signature to know more about you and your business.

Use viral content

One of the excellent ways for increasing massive traffic is viral content. Viral content referred because it spreads like a virus. Let’s think about it when users really like your content, they share it within their circle, share it on several other websites, and raise your content for free in many other various ways. Viral content spreads itself, and the only job you need to do is to create it and submit it to some popular websites/forums/communities. Rest depends on the audience how they distribute and share your content. Viral content can be anything like appealing video, or we can say a presentation or a wonderfully written article with much valuable content or an image.

Website Should be load Fast

Isn’t frustrating when you saw any site with slow loading? But I will not. Why? Because as much as your website take the time to load,  your bounce rate will be too high. But this is not okay with the audience because nobody invests extra time waiting for the loading to complete. Just make sure that your pages are optimized as much as possible, and use some responsive and best WordPress themes. The quicker your website takes the time to load, the bigger it will gain the audience.

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Link Internally

The power of your link building isn’t entirely based on how many websites return with the link and can be influenced by the internal linking formation. Whenever you are writing content, just make sure not to miss the shots for internal links because it will surely support your SEO and also make helpful & much better experience for the audience and results in improving traffic to your website.

Target Long-Tail Keywords

Till now have you ever target Longtail keywords? If no then it’s time to use long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords help us in multiple and different ways on web searches, that means if you’re not aiming them as part of your paid search or SEO attempts, you’re making a big mistake. So for better engagement with the search engine, start using longtail keywords.

Write powerful Headlines

Powerful headlines are the crucial part of your content. Without an appealing/interesting headline, even the most well-written article will remain unreadable. Grab the knowledge for writing the engaging headlines. Many experienced authors write approx ten different headlines choose the best one that will drive the most traffic to heir website, so dive into deep in writing headlines before publishing.”

Ways to Write Powerful Ad Headlines

Article Directories

Article directories like can get you new popularity which will help in improving the traffic of your website can build trust with your existing customers. Major Search engines such as Google will also be more trusting of links that come from high-authority article directories which in return will improve your page rankings.

 Some other sources for gaining cheap traffic:

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To be very frank there is no shortcut to success. So don’t get in some third party pranks or fake promises that they will provide you with the organic traffic/massive traffic or something else other than Google itself. My motive in this post is to provide with best Ways to Get Cheapest Website Traffic and increase some visitors for your website. If we missed out something, please let us know.

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