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Knowing the difference between external and internal links and using them as part of your overall digital marketing campaign is an important part of SEO. Link buildings strategies are implemented for increasing link profile of websites, Pros take care in implementing link building strategies so to get dofollow, nofollow and High DA, PA external links, and relevant in context proper anchored internal links.

Though, what many do not know is that there are many different types of linking, all of which have several benefits and many traps. The two most basic (but essential) types of linking to understand are internal and external linking.

So in this article, we will make you understand the difference between External and Internal links in 2017

Internal Link

An internal link mainly refers as a hyperlink that when selected directs you to a unique page or we can say area, of the same website or domain. Here is an example of an internal link – it is internal because when it is selected, it takes you to the Fasthosts Blog home page and not to an external site such as http://www.foxnews.com/. Please note the text of the link can say whatever you want we’ve used the text “internal link” just for this example.

Internal links are useful for four reasons

  • This kind of links allows users to navigate a website.
  • These links also help to establish information hierarchy for the given site.
  • These links help to spread link juice (ranking power) around websites.
  • Internal links can build your SEO

Recognize some of the other advantages

PageRank – Linking internally can help in your page ranking. This will help you move ahead to the top of the search engine pages so it can make a huge difference when you are trying to improve the visibility of your brand. Although this doesn’t hold as much weight regarding PageRank as someone else linking to your webpages, it does not harm.

Navigation – As discussed earlier, having internal links can help your clients to navigate your webpage. Most of the top experts recommended that having the web page open on the existing page so that the people will stay longer on your website, but as a reader, I always prefer when an internal link opens a new web page then you should also have to install breadcrumbs on your site for even simpler navigation.

Index – Many of the internal links will help search engines classify your website faster and more correctly. This could also help your readers to find your site in an easier way on search engines because it will contribute to ensuring that your site is indexed in the proper places.

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Pro link Building Strategies for implementing internal linking for your business website

Internal linking is on page optimization strategy for increasing link profile, links strength, page authority of webpages, directing traffic to high quality, conversions increasing pages, i.e SEO, usability, conversions optimization of a website. Internal links were available in navigation and body content. Internal linking from pages with high page authority will increase the ranking potential of targeted pages. Link webpages with high traffic with high conversion rate. Pro tips for internal link building are as fallow:

  • Keyword research, keyword analysis,
  • Content management,
  • Landing page management,
  • Optimizing keywords for landing page: include keywords in header tags, image alt tags, anchored tags, first 100 words of content on the landing page, and in other HTML components.
  • Find all relevant or related webpages, indexed pages on your own websites. Use the Google search operator to search your own site for related pages: “site:www.yoursite.com [keyword].”
  • Internal linking to relevant landing pages on the website using targeted keywords as anchor text.
  • Internal linking helps in increasing link strength, link profile, indexing newly added webpages on existing or indexed internet sites.

External Link

An external link is a hyperlink that directs you to a new website. Here is an example of an – external link – it is external because it goes to www.foxnews.com and not a page or area of the same website that the link is on. Links that point to a separate domain.

External links are useful for four reasons

  • Top SEOs expert believe that external links are the most crucial source of higher ranking.
  • External links help to spread “link juice” (ranking potential) but different than internal links because the search engines always consider them as third-party votes.
  • Top SEOs don’t believe that the “title” link attribute is used for rankings purposes.
  • External links can build visibility

External links may help readers more than you

External links redirect your visitors from your website to another internet site. Although this may seem like a shocking idea, it can potentially have many benefits for both of the business and your visitors.

Credibility – Possibilities are that your website does not collect its own data and facts. For this reason, you have to link to other websites to give them credit for the information you are using on your websites. This will help your visitors to see that where you get your data & facts so automatically, it will improve your credibility.

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PageRank – However linking to another website within your article will not help your PageRank, but external linking will surely help if it is done in a right way. It means, if another website is linking to your website, your PageRank will definitely improve. Many websites use guest posting on other blogs as they offer free articles in exchange for what benefit would be an external link give them by redirecting back to their website.

Traffic – Your traffic will surely increase if you have authorized & reputable websites linking back to your website. Not only you will confer up more on a Google search page because of your higher PageRank, but you will also have new collections of eyes looking forward to your website.

Pro Strategies for getting in External Links either no follow or dofollow

Getting links implementing web 2.0 SEO, Blog commenting(commenting on relevant blogs adds SEO benefit), Social media( this are probably nofollow links which do not give SEO benefit, instead increase authority, brand value), profile creations(getting links from non relevant and relevant high authority sites adds SEO benefit for website, can be nofollow and dofollow), Guest posting, videos postings, image sharing, documents and PDF sharing, Forum discussions, Q&A sites or wikis, blogs, articles and press release, classifieds, local directories , blog and business directories, social book marking sites. Take care links should be natural and dofollow or no follow and directing the audience to relevant landing pages. Google says recently getting links from the websites which are meant for giving away back links are penalized,

Google search engine came out with Penguin. The algorithm to hold controls over Sammy link building or black hat link building techniques.

Tools analyzing internal links and external links:

Many tools are developed by Pros to analyse external links, internal links, links authority, back links analysis, no of links on your website, links pointed to sub domains, anchored text types, sitewide updates, and verify and update the .htaccess, duplicate links, image links, no follow and dofollow links, link count, referral domains, keywords used as anchor text.

Here are 13 tools to analyze your website link profile:

Ahrefs: Back links profile of 3 reports and 15 queries per day.Validating 301 redirections using are.

Backlink Reporter to track and manage your links, get PageRank and link text, scan meta attributes, and create reports.

Backlink Watch to get backlink URLs, total external links found on inbound-link pages, PageRank of backlink sites, anchor text.

Bing and Google webmaster tools: Use the keyword tool and analyze traffic stats that is the link and queries traffic, View, classify and download complete data about internal and external links to your site. You can also get a summary of how Google and Bing bots see your website on the visit.Use search console to analyze your internal link structure i.e domains, with anchor text, broken links, etc. Find high page authority pages using Google Search Console in the Search Traffic > Links to Your Site > Your most linked content report sort by source domain.You can also find web pages or no of internal links pointing to.

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Blekko to get inbound page links, alt version, and site links to your website.

Majestic SEO to check backlinks and backlink histories for domains, subdomains or URLs.

Open site Explorer to track your links over time, check your links against competitors, and find link opportunities to build your site’s authority. To find high page authority web pages of your website.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider for information on a page’s links, its anchor text and status codes, meta tags and keywords, sitemaps, duplicate pages, follow and no-follow,

Yoast SEO analyzes sites competing for your keywords, identifying and analyzing their inbound links.

Xenu Link Sleuth checks sites for broken links on links, images, frames, plug-ins, and more.

Web CEO to analyse link text, page authority and landing page analysis.

Online Crawl Tool + Google Sitemap Generator to find the page each link was found on, link text, url, status code, nofollow or dofollow attribute,

Google analytics

Use Google analytics to find pages that are ranking in search results, pages bringing in more traffic for your websites.Looking for the web pages and posts that convert visitors at the highest rate use Conversions > Goals > Reverse Goal Path, select the goal, go to behaviour>site content>

Links are only the start

SEO experts consider that there are between approx 200 factors are there that Google and the other main search engines examine as part of their algorithm to measure your website’s ranking on search engine results pages. Internal and external links are a necessary & powerful, part of this exercise, in the big scheme of things.


It may take some time & patience to build up your External & Internal links and fix if any link is broken, but all of your efforts & hard work will pay off one day in the long run by an increase in traffic and position on the SERPS that makes the battle worth it.

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