IMPORTANCE OF FAVICON ICON – Why a favicon.ico is important to SEO?

IMPORTANCE OF FAVICON ICON – Why a favicon.ico is important to SEO?

What is a Favicon?

‘Favicon’ stands for “Favourites Icon.” The favicon icon mainly appears next to your website URL, or we can say on your open tab in your browser when anyone opens up your site, and it will also look next to the name of any new bookmarks you saved. Internet Explorer popularized the term “Favourites,” it’s really just the same as bookmarks!

What is the importance of favicon icon and you should use?

  • Be more easily recognized
  • Make your brand as a sign of trust
  • Differentiate your website from your competitors
  • It looks polished and professional (this builds trust and credibility)

A favicon is a small graphic icon that is used to identify a site. It is most often used in your web browser tabs and address bars or on mobile device home screen. The primary factor that makes favicon icon important is that it provide quick identification of your brand or we can say your website/business.

The term favicon is short for the favorite icon. Favorite is a term used by few web browsers like internet explorer for bookmarked websites, and when Internet Explorer first introduced the symbol, it was displayed when a site was put in the Internet Explorer favorite’s list. In reality, favicon icon is very little part of the website but it gathers the consideration of users and give the identity to your website and also very crucial for brand popularity.

Where is favicon located?

The top most on the left side of the internet browser’s address bar for current pages or in the bookmarked pages of your web browser (small images or logos on the left of a bookmarked page) in various open tabs of your current browser.

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When we use the word “favicon,” we are referring to an icon that is linked to a single website, and to which web browsers display in three places and that is Next To⇓

The site name in a list of bookmarks

Fevicon Bookmark

The website URL in the address bar

Fevicon URL

In the History of the browser 

Fevicon History

Internet Explorer



What is the importance of Favicon for a website?

Favicon is not only useful for marketing and branding but also for usability.

Favicon helps to stand out from other websites: It is the era of internet, and everyone browses different sites according to their needs and preferences. Favicon helps them in sorting out a particular website when the user has opened several tabs in a browser. Our brain can remember images much easier than words. So, favicon help users to identify a website with a favicon on it.

Favicons provide brand awareness: We all know how a brand logo connects people visually and how important is a logo for a company. The logo gives meaning to a name(brand) of what it is all about. Favicon is like a small logo representing the business which helps the user to remember the brand website much easier and gives a brand awareness for the company.

Favicon contributes to search quickly in bookmarked pages: When a user visits a website and wants to remember it, they are likely to bookmark it. Here, favicon plays its role when the user intends to open a bookmarked web page from the list. Favicon is easily visible, and the user can sort out the particular web page with the help of favicon.

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Favicons are easily identifiable in browser tabs: When a user opens several tabs in a browser, favicons helps to easily identify a particular web page more quickly and easily instead of clicking and searching the web page.


  • Create a customize visible icon image using any graphics/image editing software, and crop the image to 16 x 16 pixels. (a letter or 2 or small icon is proper).
  • Save that file on your device as a jpg image format
  • Use any of the 3rd party software tools like to upload your jpg to convert it into .ico format(use the “import image” menu)
  • Afterward, follow the directions and save your .ico converted file to your device
  • Now, only just upload that per FTP to your website’s ROOT directory
    (this would be the folder where you place your index.html file)
  • That’s it – after awhile it will start to attach itself to folks favorite bookmarks

What About WordPress?

  • You just need to prepare an image file. It must be in square shape, and at least 512 pixels wide and tall.
  • Then Go to Administration Screen > Appearance > Customize
  • Afterward Click Site Identify
  • Now, Click Select Image at Site Icon section, upload the picture file you prepared from Upload Files tab screen and click Select and its done.

(just make sure your favicon.ico is already uploaded to your root directory)


Favicon is a small part that we generally do not pay too much attention to, but the truth is that they are a very crucial part of our website, both from a user interface perspective and a business branding point of view. We hope now you truly understand the IMPORTANCE OF FAVICON ICON. Remember favicons are for user experience, don’t make it fancy rather go for some distinct font related to your company. It’s like a small packet but having a large sound, so just pay attention to favicon icon and recognize your brand from the crowd.

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If we missed out something important in this article, let us know in the comment section.Let’s learn from each other!

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