Five Best Image Editing Tools online / offline

Five Best Image Editing Tools online / offline -

To design a logo? Paper and pencil.

Many designers will probably tell you to start with pen and paper first (or pencil and paper to be specific). A hand drawn logo can often lead to more creative designs than when starting on a computer.

Just imagine the scenario- you need to edit an image quickly, and you hate the thought of download a software because it takes much time from your busy schedule. So in that condition, you need a quick action to get your job done.

There’s far more freedom and speed when going analog. You’re not restricted to a kind of perfection which can hinder the development of the core concept. When drawn crudely (or should I say, not perfectly), there’s fewer places for a bad idea to hide. When an idea is wrapped up in the instant polish and shine of perfect curves and beautiful colors, it’s easier for a bad idea to hide.

There are plenty of tools and software you can use to create business logos but here are Five Best Image Editing Tools online / offline in 2017

1. I want free logo creators (online)

These will guide you step by step through the logo design process. Not much creative skill is needed (but will be a bonus).

Since these are all online, you don’t need to download any software to use these:






These online photo editing tools are all free of cost for basic edits, though some of the tools offer ad-free premium services for a reasonable price. Most rely on Flash, so be sure to first update your browser’s Flash plug-in for optimal functionality.

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2. I want free Software that can create logos (offline)

These are free downloadable programs that you can use to create free logos. Two open source programs come in mind here:

Picasa (Windows/Mac/Linux, Free)

Adobe Photoshop (Windows/Mac, $699) (Windows, Free)

Adobe Lightroom (Windows/Mac, $299)

GIMP / Nik Collection by Google

3. Now I want free places to get resources for my logo

So you got Inkscape fired up, but you need some shapes, etc. to you want to put on your logo. Sure you could always draw it yourself, but you’d much prefer to use ready made ones. In that case, we’ve got you covered. Here are some resources mentioned below from where you can get some free icons, shapes, etc. for your logo.

Behance & Dribble Icon freebies: DB Freebies Design Resources from Behance and Dribbble

Vector Portal: Free logo design, customized vector logos, and templates

4. This is not enough, I want even more

The tools, websites, and resources mentioned in this answer should be more than enough to get you a free logo.

If you still want more information about logo Editing online/offline, we have written a detailed article on our blog: 10 Best Websites To Create Free Logo For Your Business Or Blog

In this article, we review the logo makers mentioned here, as well as provide other means of obtaining free logos.

Final words

These resources –Five Best Image Editing Tools online / offline in 2017 are perfect for getting a decent free logo. Once your business, organization or website grows, it will be a very good idea to hire a graphics designer to upgrade or redesign your logo.

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A good graphics designer will create a lasting design as well as attend to some of the other details of your brand. It might be seem expensive at first, but it’s well worth the investment.

You can tell us which editing software is your favourite and why? Let’s learn from each other.

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