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I am very happy to say this to my visitors, now you can get dofollow backlinks from my website. In this post, I am going to show you how you can get this from my blog. As we know that what is the importance of backlinks for our website to rank our website in Google.Get your dofollow

There are two types of backlinks are present first one is Dofollow and the second one is Nofollow. Nofollow backlinks are the backlinks which come with Nofollow tag. In this backlinks link juice is not transmitted to your website. So that this type of backlinks are less helpful for your blog or website. We need do-follow backlinks to increase our website ranking and website authority.

For that purpose, I am going to start giving dofollow backlinks to websites for my visitors. How you can get this I will show you in this post so read this post carefully. Pls share this post to friends so many peoples get this opportunity. To unlock following content like, follow, follow by clicking on following buttons.

So let us start

How you can get dofollow backlinks from

As you will see in the comment section of my blog, my blog is running with one of the best plugin known as comment Luv. This plugin helps our visitors to put their links of websites. Now you think why this man talk about comment Luv because we already know about comment Luv.

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But one think many bloggers don’t know that every blog or website which equipped with this plugin don’t give you do-follow backlinks. Many bloggers are only using this plugin to increase  their comments they give no-follow backlinks to their visitors. So I think such a bloggers are selfish.

Do following steps to give dofollow backlinks for your blog or website from my Blog (SuccessForBlogging.Com)

Step 1- Now go to my post which you like and  you want to comment on that post. As you can see in image my blog was equipped with comment Luvcommentluv

Step 2- Now put your comment than a name, email and website in the box as shown in the image after doing this comment Luv show you top 10 posts of your websites or blog select any one which you want to link to my website.

Post comment with link

Step 3- Now click on Post Comment button after doing this your comment  will be post on my website and also you get do-follow backlink to your website

Get your dofollow backlink

Condition To Do Comment on SuccessForBlogging.Com

Don’t miss understand I am not putting any restriction for this. But I want to aware you regarding some facts.  Follow these precautions while putting your comments.

  1. Pls don’t put comment for only backlinks
  2. pls avoid to adult links these links are strictly restricted.
  3. Pls comment from your hearts

Pls do this while putting your comments, now you get best do-follow backlinks from SuccessForBlogging.Com

I hope you like this post on “ Now You Can Get Dofollow Backlinks From SuccessForBlogging.Com”. If you like it than shear with you friends and family .


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