How To increase traffic of blog or website Within Short Time

How To increase traffic of blog or website Within Short Time

Hello, friends, you will be aware that for any website (blog) How Important is it traffic of new blog/website. If our website (blog) will reduce the traffic will not be good for our earning. I noticed that the traffic decline today is the problem of every new blogger, who has just started blogging. So today we will discuss how to increase traffic of blog or website. Because you make your new blog and does not increase traffic then your blog is not good so the traffic is very important.

How To increase traffic of blog or website Within Short Time

In this article, we will discuss about how we will grow our traffic with simple steps that we will use while writing any article and posts. So let us start,

10 Best Tricks To Increase Traffic Of Blog Or Website

1. Post Title:-

When you will write a new post in your blog then you will use are the keywords like What, How in the title of your post. When you will  put these keywords  in your blog title and you will quickly search your posts  and increase your blog traffic.

2. Search Description:-

Search engine description is very important because it tells our visitors what exactly we are writing in our post, or article.

3. Template:-

Every visitor thinks that open blog or website very fast. It is important for your blog or website to load faster without losing more time. Use such temple which is load faster and SEO-friendly.

4. Use the keyword in post:-

Reach to other people’s to your blog then title is very important. Our blog is full of those keywords which are conducted on the net in many time search. And then you own a blog post, go to the traffic source option view  keywords that are heavily searched keywords in your post use especially to the blog title.

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5. Use the Share Button in your post:-

It is important to use buttons to share the blog posts. When any visitor of your blog like your posts, than with this button they will share your posts on facebook and other social sites.

6. Give reply to every comment:-

It is important to respond to comments on your blog then this way you will make good relations with your visitors and your blog readers interested in your blog. Responding to the comment at the blog visitor to Question Answer Prepare well for the blog visitor to answer you the right to have a way to know the value of blogs.

7. Comment to another blog:-

It is also important to your blog. because you are a comment in another blog then your blog is getting good relation and your blog is getting good backlinks and then your blog is getting more traffic. So the Commenting to Another blog is also very important for a blog.

8. Promote in Social Media:-

You can share your blog on social media to promote your blog’s articles and posts for getting more traffic,  you  can share your posts on Facebook, Twitter google+ dig etc to promote your blog’s posts and you get more traffic.

9. Guest Post in Other Blog:-

Guest post is also the best way to increase your blog traffic. you get  high ranking in google then your blog is getting good traffic.

10. Add blog in Search Engine:-

Add  your blog in Search Engine like google, bing, yahoo and submit the sitemap in google search console and it is important to our quickly to search your blog and get more traffic.

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I hope you like this post on “How To increase traffic of blog or website Within Short Time”. If you like it than shear with you friends and family .



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