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Search vs Social

SEO-Search engine optimization and SMO-social media optimization are two of the bigger interests for webmasters & bloggers, as they can both have strong impacts on the amount of traffic a website or blog receives. The point is that not every marketer or we can say business has the resources to focus on both channels. The actions & outcomes of social media and SEO are very different. Let’s look at the differences.

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

SEO is about being noticed and getting traffic through search engine rankings of our website. SEO means using the tactics and knowledge of how search engines work to push a website to perform well in search engine ranking, leading to higher traffic and more leads for your company.

What is social media marketing(SMO)?

Social media inspire peoples to connect, building relationships and getting traffic from social media platforms. It strengthens the middle of the funnel and creates engagement.

Are Search & Social Media Related?

Do a search marketer or a website about search engines worry about social media platforms? The two are very related to each other.

Social media always discover the new content such as news stories, and discoveries is a search activity area. Social media can also be helpful in building links that in turn provide support to SEO efforts. Many people also do searches on social media sites to find latest social media content. Social connections may also impact the relevancy of some search results, either within a social media network or at a ‘mainstream’ search engine.

Comparisons & Similarities of SMO and SEO

On Page Elements

SEO – Title tags, image title, headers, bold/italic text and use of keywords are all influential for SEO.

SMO – Coding & tags are not so necessary, while visual attention grabbers make a bigger impact.

Link Building

SEO – Inbound links are a large deciding factor in rankings.

SMO – Links are a result of success, which means that SEO benefits from good SMO.


SEO – The title tag of a Web page tells the search engines what a page is about and carries a lot of points in the search engine rankings.

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SMO – Titles and headlines are much important for grabbing attention and getting users to click-through on the posts.

Content Must be Easily Readable

SEO – Recognize by search engine spiders.

SMO – Read by human readers.


SEO – Quality content is essential to rank well.  The content itself will not be able to produce high rankings. The structure of the website must also be unique.

SMO – Quality content is essential to hold the readers’ attention and win their trust & approval. While quality content is a key, the visual performance also plays a vital role.


SEO – Analysis is necessary to know which changes have made an impact (+ or -) on the website’s rankings.

SMO – Analysis is required to know what types of content making interest towards the audience.

Know What People Are Searching For and use Google Adwords keyword tool

Just use tools like Google Chrome’s SEO Site Tools on your own social profiles when logged out of the network so you can see the public display version viewable by search engines.

The benefit of Experience

SEO – Those folks out there gain so much of experience in this field and producing large income and success by implementing the strategies.

SMO – Those who knows the social media platforms audience can help in success by publishing posts & headlines specifically for the niche purpose.

Success forward More Success

SEO – Trusted domains always have an actual effect on all web pages, including new web pages.

SMO – By making profiles on websites like Reddit can keep traffic flowing with new submissions.

Social media: the up-sides and down-sides

Being active on social helps to build trust, improve brand awareness, and loyalty, and it helps us by gaining more engagement and for managing customer service. Also help you influence more, as well as grow your business across the world. And although social media has direct impact over the search engine ranking, it can help your SEO, indirectly. By helping in growing business and website, gaining more organic traffic, more authoritative backlinks and much more, this will improve your site’s domain authority, and thus, its search engine ranking by extension.

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One of the benefits of SMO is that you can find some of the latest & trending ways to improve our strategy & one can learn from the mistakes and wins so that one can improve search engine traffic in the future. The same cannot be said about SEO. However, it is very known what not to do; it’s not always as clear exactly what strategies can help you improve your ranking.

Facebook has certainly made a few algorithm changes over the past years which have affected businesses negatively, so it’s a constant & regular struggle to get your posts on your fans’ news feeds. Regarding down-sides with using social media for gaining massive traffic, it will take patience & time to get it done and to build a big enough audience although, the same can be said about SEO, which can take even more time to build up.

The competition is tough on social media. There are different other profiles/pages too just like yours, will share similar content and sharing with the same audiences. It’s hard to make your content unique to stand out in the front amongst others and to get good, quality traffic consistently.

SEO: the up-sides and the down-sides

SEO is a great strategy for business awareness, and it can also help you to create a better & helpful website for your readers, as usability and readability are very crucial to search engines rankings.

SEO also helps build trust & loyalty with audiences/followers as your domain(website) authority grows. This not stops here because a high domain authority can bring lots of new opportunities too.

Another benefit of SEO is that your outcomes are easy to measure but, the downside is that it is not as easy to figure out what exactly money SEO is actually bringing in your revenue.

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One of the main & real downsides to SEO is that Google is in the process which always making changes to their algorithms. No one knows from where they come out, and they can drop your domain authority up to 15 points, and then you need to start optimizing(SEO) all over again. It’s frustrating while doing hard work, and the results aren’t always visible, but if you can do SEO in a right way, it can truly be an incredible source of traffic.

Why You have to Invest in Both SEO and SMO?

This is one of the wisest decision if you want to invest your time, money, and efforts into both search optimization(SEO) and social media optimization.

It’s easy to measure social engagement, but hard to measure reach and impressions. Shares, likes and comments are all highly visible and can be reported using a tool like Buzzsumo.

Regular improve social presence among these platforms


If you are using Google Analytics on your website, go take a look at it now. Go to your Traffic Sources afterward (Sources) and then (All Traffic). Then take a look at your top most five traffic sources and ask yourself what would be your decision if you lost any one of them.


Take a moment to click on each traffic source to see the percentage of visitors that source drives to your website.

Social vs. Search: 9 Differences Between Social Media and SEO [INFOGRAPHIC]


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In this post, I have shared some of the tips focused on SMO and SEO attracts visitors to our website and help in higher rankings. By implementing these tips you can grow your business on both the major platforms. What we have missed? We would love to hear from you.

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