SEO Tips and Tricks For Rapidly Boost Website Ranking

SEO Tips and Tricks For Rapidly Boost Website Ranking -

In the 21st century, SEO- Search Engine Optimization is becoming a path to success from low to high-level websites as well as providing employment to the number of peoples around the world. The time period taken by the SEO process is long but if it implemented in a right way then it will surely give you the improvement anyone wants. It’s very hard to say that try these SEO tips and tricks and within a few days or weeks, you will get the top ranking on the 1st page of Google. 

In the terms of SEO if we talk about Black Hat SEO(illegal back-linking) then it will surely give you the ranking you want in a quick way but once Google get to know that you breaks and violates the guidelines, your website will be penalized in a way that it will take many years for you to get it to rank again in search results.

So, the only and the single path to improve the ranking of your website in a genuine manner is to be a trustworthy to Google by giving valuable knowledge to users. How it will be done in a right way? From my point of view, there are many ways by which anyone can improve the ranking of a website in SERPs such as domain age, domain name related to niche, the structure of your niche, On-page/Off-page Optimization, Online Marketing, Social popularity, Valuable content and much more. So, in today’s post, I have shared SEO Tips and Tricks For Rapidly Boost Website Ranking

Here is the list of some SEO Tips and Tricks For Rapidly Boost Website Ranking

Sign up with Webmaster Tools

On-site optimization is a much complex thing to do if search engines like Google and Bing do not provide us the webmaster tools to understand it in much easier and simple way.
If your website is not registered with Google Webmaster Tools till now then make sure to do it now. If you are using webmaster tools but don’t know how to operate and make use of it then don’t worry you fill find some useful resources in the last of this article.

With the help of webmaster tools, you will be able to know 

  • Speed of your website
  • Current status
  • Traffic analysis
  • Index status
  • Total number of links to your website
  • Blocked resources if any
  • Crawl errors
  • URL parameters
  • Robot.txt tester
  • Sitemap
  • Security issues

Publish Relevant Content

The more the valuable and relevant your content will be, the more chances increases for the improvement in the ranking of your website. Quality content is the major factor to increase the ranking of your website in the SERPs and there is no alternative available for relevant content as it increases your website authority and Search relevance.

Recognize the keywords phrases for each web page of your website. Just think about it how your niche audience search out for that particular keyword phrase like “SEO program”, “Best SEO tips”, Top SEO tactics ever”. You need to repeat the phrases number of times in your content- One in the opening and one in the closing paragraph of your content and four to five times in the remaining content that also depends on the length of your content, if it is more than 2000 words then you can apply more than five times.

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Also, remember to use bold and italics, heading tags, and other important tags to highlight the keyword phrase but don’t overdo it many times. Create a well-written content for the benefit of users not for the search engine.

Social Appearance

Today’s image of social networks platforms is well known by all that how much important it is becoming day by day. Maintain a good facebook page of your website, professional page of LinkedIn and Quora, Remember the hashtags of Twitter and Instagram, regular post your content on Google+ and LinkedIn, Quora.

Always be present to give the answers of your audience comments over the social media pages. As much as you increase the engagement with your niche audience, you will drive more & more traffic to your website. By sharing the unique and quality Content and taking part Questioning/Answering on Social Network websites will surely help you to get the top and better ranking in the SERPs.

For more better results you can do your video, PDF, Infographics sharing, Online Marketing on major social network Platforms.

Write shareable headlines

Time to Time the search engine algorithms changes and modified but the one thing remains the same and essential and here I am talking about the Headlines. If you create a viral and shareable headline for your article then you will see the difference in the number of clicks, reading, and sharing. By doing this no one can stop your website ranking in SERPs.

From my own experience Headlines always gather the attention of users as you better know that having your article on the top of the page in SERPs will not guarantee that it will offer you most clicks. SEO can help you in some steps but the headline or we can say the title may lead the clicks always.

Let’s search for the term how to publish a book. Note that the most clickable headline is in position #2 not in the add one placed on the top.

URL Structure

Permanent links – A permanent link is the single URL of each page.

Have you ever think about URL structure? If no then its time to know the importance of it. The URL structure plays a vital role in On-page SEO. I suggest you all use a simple and clear permanent structure. Good URLs should not exceed more than 250 characters and also don’t forget to use hyphens to ‘-separate the different parts.

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Let’s take an example of good URL:

A bad URL is: or or

You need to end your URL with article name and also you can add the category with the title in your URL, which results in one of the two following permalink structures:


With category prefixed: /%SEO%/%seotipsforbeginners%/

Categories – Arrange your web pages into categories to help audience and search engines to find quickly what they really want.

You can also have sub-categories if you want but I recommend not to do that. But still you want to do it then here is an example, of a good category structure is:

SuccessForBlogging> Social Media > Facebook

and not

SuccessForBlogging > Social Media > Facebook > Tips

To make you understand in a better way, we suggest adding the main keyword anywhere in the article name.For an example: If you check the snippet preview in Yoast plugin, you will see that your keyword highlight in the URL if it is indulged in your slug. See the example by Neil Patel in the image below for better understanding.

URL structure

Breadcrumb –It is also an important part of the web pages as it allows your customers to navigate your website in a structured and user-friendly way.

User Sitemap – I suggest you give this option in your menu (top or bottom). This is an HTML file that describes the structure of your website.

For more information regarding using categories in your permalink structure, I suggest you watch this video by Matt Cutts.

Should I add .html to my permalink structure?

Should my focus keyword always be the first keyword in the URL? How many words should I use in my slug?

In this interview, Matt Cutts, mentions the following regarding the length of your slug.

Internal linking

Linking to pages within your website is very crucial for SEO as:

  • It helps you to develop your website
  • It helps search engines to know about other web pages of your website
  • It helps search engines to tell the most essential web pages of your website
  • It enables users to give more time to your website

Best practices for internal linking:

  • Don’t always use keywords only for your internal linking
  • Add internal links only if they are helpful for your users
  • No more than 15 internal links per page/Don’t include more than 10-15 internal links per page
  • If it is possible then add the links in the main body of your web page but not in not in the footer or sidebar

Speed and Mobile

Presently, other than SEO content techniques there are two more crucial techniques are emerging day by day and they are Speed and Mobile friendliness of a website.

Speed: Each and every day Google invest a large sum of funds to make their search engine work faster. Every website owner out there knows the importance of the speed and always try much advanced hosting platform to make their website respond faster.

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Now, I think you have known the value of a speed for a website when we talk about SEO and ranking. As a website owner, you just need to make sure that your website loads as much fast as it can by keeping in mind the guidelines of Google.

Mobile Friendliness: We all know the importance of mobile devices nowadays. According to research, there are approx 65% searches in Google are following by mobile devices. This thing clears out that if you will optimize your website for the mobile users then you will loose much of the traffic for your website.

So, always make sure that your website should be mobile friendly and AMP(accelerated mobile pages) optimized as you know that it is the new way to develop quick mobile friendly pages.

Use Semantic Keyword Research

Search engines are basically about topics, meaning and useful/helpful content rather than keyword phrases, phrases, signs, and symbols. By the time Google becomes clever and giving more recognization to semantics keywords rather than a bunch of words.

Just simply search for any keywords on Google and then jump down to the bottom of the page to view related searches suggested by Google. Yes, you get it now. These are the long-tail keywords(ideas) that you can use in your content strategy calendar.

Just save all the keywords(phrases) suggested by Google.

Assess Your Current Search Ranking

Before beginning the process of improving your website ranking, just take a look at your present status in the SERPs. This is very important and doest matter if your website is new or old. There are a number of tools present online that will provide you with the current position of your website in the SERPs like Google position checker and SERPs.

keyword-focused checklist from Salesforce 


Additional Resources:

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SEO is not a process of one time, in fact, you need to repeat these tips and techniques number of times to get better results. Remember to add your website in Search engine webmaster tools to get fast indexing and boost website ranking as well create high-quality content that is highly shareable and fully interact your niche audience. One more way to get a good ranking is to make sure that your website is updated in its user-friendly interface as well as its structure and design & other things that Google values the most. So, by following above SEO Tips and Tricks you will surely get much better results for your website.

If you are implementing any other SEO techniques, share them with us here! Let’s learn from each other.

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