1800INR : SuccessForBlogging Income And Growth Report June 2016

1800INR : SuccessForBlogging Income And Growth Report June 2016

After a long time, I am here to share the growth report of your favorite blog i.e. SuccessForBlogging.Com. Last time I had shared on the growth report after the launch of 10 Days. Now it’s time to show you the growth report of June 2016. After the launch of 1 months, I am not saying that my blog is growing very fastly but grow steadily. In First 10 days this blog is growing very fastly. In this post I am going to show you a detail report of traffic, earning from this blog.

 1800INR : SuccessForBlogging Income And Growth Report June 2016

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Traffic Report

First of all, I am going to show you the traffic report of SuccessForBlogging.Com. In the June, SuccessForBlogging.com is steadily growing. First, 15 days growth is faster as compared to the last 15 days. I am busy with some other work that why this downfall occurred. During this one month period. During this 30 days period, SuccessForBlogging gets around 1508 page views and  667 Sessions are carried out. The blog is steadily running without any significant downfall. From the following screenshot, you can easily understand the growth of the blog.


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Search Engine Performance

When we talk about Search Engine, from the following screenshot you can see that 1460 impressions are coming in Search Engine. This is not mean that traffic coming on the blog. This is 1460 peoples reaches the posts in Google. Around 61 seasons are coming from Google.

Search Engine Performance

Performance Of Social Network

I am very happy to say that I was getting big success during this period of 30 days. SuccessForBlogging is performing really great on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. This 30 days, I got around 75 followers on Twitter, 24 likes on the Facebook page, 13 followers on Instagram. Now my aim is to promote content on these social networks for getting good traffic from Social Network. Google Plus is not performed much better for me during this 30 days period. I got only three followers on Google Plus.

Income Report

For the Earning I am using Affiliate marketing, Google Adsense from this blog. I got around 1700 INR from Grammarly Affiliate Marketing, 100 INR from the Google Adsense. So the total earning in this month is around 1800 INR. That is one of the best things for me. I  spent an around 1500 INR on the hosting and domain purchase.


  • Grammarly Affiliate- 1700INR
  • Google Adsense- 100INR


  • Domain & Hosting- 1500INR

Total Profit- 300INR

This is the growth report and income report of June 2016. I think you enjoyed this post. I had explained everything you need to understand.

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