If you have your own business, then it’s easy for you to get started. Your blog will be related to your service/product that you are offering or the cause you promote, and if you are working for yourself, then you have multiple choices to be select.Blog about something that you love to do, love to discuss and most importantly in which you can establish yourself as an authority. So here are  THE TOP 10 BLOGGING IDEAS TO MAKE MONEY


Some of the websites like PCmag and Trickbugs are making lots of money by just providing the latest technology news and reviews. Moreover, the largest benefit of selecting this stream as your running a blog subject matter is, while a new tech device is released into the marketplace, it creates a hype, large enough to deliver traffic in your blog to know more approximately it. So you just only need to update the latest and trending tech news blogs for an increase in your income and much more.


It doesn’t matter how excellent your articles is written or design until you are taking the time to advertise your blog on Social Media. Many bigger brands depend on social media traffic to construct their Business. Peoples are seeking out the cutting-edge social media strategies to build their online market.  If you are a social media expert, take the time to share some of the latest social media techniques through your blogs or videos. Clicks and traffic on social media or in the search engines can be a great option to market your blog. In 2017, you can see that every business needs social media to increase their brand credibility whether they are celebrities, businessmen, IT  companies and so on. Due to a large number of Social media users, the websites that write about each & every single happening in the world on their Social media pages get the most and best results regarding traffic and income.

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In 2017, many of the fashion brands depend on their fashion blogs for their brand & income building. If we say that health is a need but learning all about fashion is an addiction for everyone. So fashion bloggers can make a lot of money by sponsored posts(INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK), promote fashion brands can earn commissions in between 6-8 percent which we call Affiliate marketing(AMAZON) and also pay per click programs and much more.So you only need to be an established fashion blogger so that you can approach some big brands and many other websites for making some income.


Blogging is becoming the most significant revenue and brand raising system even in developing countries. Websites like us have made blogging so much easy to understand by techniques and other active blogs.The simplest way to learn about blogging is none other than only by blogs which will tell you the steps to be taken in starting a blog and make it more active including content and as well as gaining traffic for raising some income.


We all love going to somewhere, no one on this planet hates traveling and if it helps you in raising some money or we can say your brand value then its sounds like heaven. Many couples or friends around the world are writing excellent traveling blogs that helps numbers of peoples regarding hotels, places to travel, the total cost of the journey and so on. Many of the big websites are also started travel blogs to gain traffic and to raise income. You can have a tie-up with the travel operator and get some commission if someone uses your reference. You can prepare guidelines that should be followed while in the journey.

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Beginning a weblog with a niche of an actual question and answer session that we call community blog, will quickly generate income for you. Just think about it if people are getting their answers of their questions, how does it feel to them regarding looking your website. People love free of cost things, but this will benefit you including your income and traffic. Just like, you can start a question and answer blog (Community) and make some dollars.


Everybody has its favorite actor and actress all over the world. Peoples are crazy for their lovable stars and also to know the latest updates & news of their celebrity. From their daily routine to the movies or songs updates, photos fans need to know everything. Entertainment world plays a vital role in the economy of the world because everybody needs some fun in their life. So what are you waiting for if you are a celebrity lover and have a lot of experience, you can start writing your stars latest and trending updates through your blogs.


E-commerce in the US gained 14.6% growth in 2015. E-commerce B2C sales volume in 2016 (worldwide) touched 1922 Billion and is expected to reach 2356 Billion by 2018. In your blogs, you can write e-commerce tricks&tips, success stories, case studies, traffic raising tips, e-commerce optimization suggestions, etc. You can make people learn about how to set up their e-commerce website and how can they earn money through e-commerce advertisements and you can also promote e-commerce affiliates.


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You can start a blog for the best courses available in many of the websites over the internet. You can also start your online course portal by preparing an online course that you surely know your set audience would love it to do.You can also refer your readers to some of the online courses portals so that you can get some commission by affiliate marketing too.


To every person the time, relation, carrier, and happiness matter everything. So by writing about the management system about these things can also help in many ways. Some women think when they have a baby they cannot continue their job so for them, this is the best option to carry out for raising some money. You can try  Google Adsense and make significant money from your life management blog. You can also sell your life management e-book if you want to make some more money and to promote your website.




So these are the TOP 10 BLOGGING IDEAS TO MAKE MONEY. You can try these blogging ideas for making some more money. We will help you in every step towards your success.






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