Best 5 Ways to Reuse Your Old Smartphones

With the growth of the smartphone industry and the fact that more and more people are getting one in their hands, smartphone manufacturers are launching hundreds of new smartphones every month. Although most smartphones can be used for 2-3 years, most customers want to upgrade their smartphones with new devices when they hit the market. As soon as you have a new smartphone, the old smartphone is in the drawer and does nothing.

People generally think that these old smartphones are mostly useless and they sell them or just ignore them. If you think the same way, this is the right time to change that. There are many ways you can get something productive out of your old smartphone instead of just sitting in the drawer.

Ways to reuse your old smartphone

Here are some of the effective ways you can do something productive with your old smartphone.

Use it as a surveillance camera

Most of today’s smartphones are equipped with decent cameras that can record high quality videos. So if you have an old smartphone somewhere at home, you can use it to monitor your home, office or wherever you want. All you have to do is just install an app like tinyCam monitor IP Webcam on your old smartphone and place the smartphone where you want to use it. Then use a browser or other app to view the live feed from your smartphone. You can also upload the videos directly to the cloud and check them whenever you want.

old smartphone

Portable GPS for your car

If you have a car and tend to drive around the city a lot, a GPS device is a necessity. However, if you have an old smartphone, you can drop the idea of ​​buying a new GPS device for your car. Instead, you can use your old phone to do the work for you. You just have to download apps like Google MapsHere you have maps or others on your phone and use a phone holder to hold your car dashboard like a GPS.

old smartphone

VR headset

Thanks to Google Cardboard, you can now turn any compatible smartphone into an impressive virtual reality headset. All you have to do is buy a Google Cardboard or other VR headset available on the market and enjoy great 360-degree videos on the go with your old smartphone. You can also find various VR apps in your app store or Google Playstore. Install these apps and enjoy various VR videos and games on your old phone.

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Ebook reader

When it comes to e-book readers, there’s no doubt that special devices like Amazon Kindle are the best option you can get. However, a smartphone also appears to be a good e-book reader if you want to use one. All manufacturers of e-readers such as Kindle, Noble and others have their own apps for smartphones that you can install on your old smartphone and turn into a portable e-book reader. In addition, you can also read email attachments, PDF files, and many other formats, since smartphones generally support most formats.

old smartphone

Use it as a portable hotspot

With increasing competition between network providers, you are now seeing very affordable high-speed data packets that allow you to access the Internet on the go. These data plans are cheaper than the broadband plans, so you may be curious to use them. Don’t worry, you can use them on your old smartphone. Almost all smartphones have an Internet sharing feature or a hotspot that you can use. Simply download a good internet package, turn on the hotspot in your old smartphone and there is your own portable WiFi that you can use anywhere.

old smartphone

A smartphone is more than just a device that you can use to call and answer calls. It’s a device that lets you play music, watch videos, and more. So if you have an old smartphone, you can change it to your personal media player instead of using your new phone to play the media. This way, you can save a lot of space on the new smartphone and use your old phone well. You can also download apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime to your smartphone and see what and when you want.

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Portable sound recorder

All smartphones are equipped with microphones, because you have to talk to the other person about this person. This makes the smartphone a great device that can record audio through the microphone. All you have to do is simply install a good audio recording app that can turn your old smartphone into a useful audio recorder. You can use it to record your lectures, events and others. You can even create your own podcasts by recording audio on your old phone.

old smartphone

Wireless controller for your PC

If your PC is connected to a TV or projector and you’re too lazy to use the keyboard and mouse, you can install apps that let you control your PC from your smartphone. With this function you can turn your old smartphone into a wireless PC remote control. All you have to do is simply install a good PC app remotely on your phone and PC and then operate the PC whenever you want without having to reach it. With this function you can also make jokes with your friends.

old smartphone

Universal remote Control

Many electronic devices that are in your homework are available on their respective remote controls. However, you can use your old smartphone as a single device to remotely control all devices. However, you need to make sure that your smartphone has an IR sensor. If available, all you have to do is install the remote control apps and use your phone as a universal remote control for various devices.

old smartphone

These are some of the best ways you can use your old smartphone. If you have any other ideas about using old phones, let us know in the comments below.


What do I do with my old phone?

Five things you can do with old cell phones
1. Reuse: Hack it, change it, use it in a project.
2. Activate: Forward or use as emergency phone.
3. Give it away: Many charities want it.
4. Sell it: Earn a few dollars if there is still life.
5. Recycling: Find a reputable recycling company.

Are old phones worth anything?

Your old cell phone is more valuable than you think. These old cell phones, which you kept in a desk drawer, not only take up valuable storage space in your home, they’re also not that great for the planet. Mobile phones contain valuable resources such as gold, silver, copper, zinc and platinum.

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