Best Reddit Apps android of 2020

Reddit Apps for Android – If you’ve owned an Android smartphone or slate long enough, you can probably remember that time before the official Reddit app. For some reasons, it took ages for the minds behind the website to produce their mobile app. That means we had a lot of solid competitors to choose from before it officially appeared. Reddit sees itself as the front page of the Internet. For better or for worse, that’s pretty much what it is. It’s a huge website with tons of tags and then tons of threads in every article. Today we are here with our list of Best Reddit Apps Android of 2020 to you.

So take a look at our list Best Reddit apps for Android below and let us know what you think about our list in the comment section below. 🙂


BaconReader has been around for a long time and users have enjoyed it for just as long. It is one of the most downloaded and most tested Reddit apps on the Google Play Store. It wooed the users with the sophisticated functions and equipped them with the excellent service and support. BaconReader is carefully and flawlessly designed so that you can quickly search for something new and exciting and read it without stumbling or missing anything.


Reddit is one of the latest Reddit apps on the list. The official app came out last year. Most of the others on this list are older. It’s a reliable option in the middle of the road that does what it needs to do. It has the main features and they seem to be working properly. In this list you will find numerous other Reddit apps with more functions and customization options. However, if you need the important Reddit experience, this is the right choice.

Reddit is fun

Reddit is Fun is the easiest app we tested. The interface of this app is based on the taps for opening option menus. There are no fancy swipes like in Reddit Sync and Reddit News. Everything is straightforward. The support of the comments is excellent. Everything looks clean and simple.

Foil for reddit

New to my list of favorites is a new Reddit app that was created from scratch with Android 5.1 or Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The guidelines for the material design surface are called Slide for Reddit. It is promising, but is still in beta. The film is incredibly smooth, polished and a great Android experience fits Reddit perfectly.

Now to Reddit

It’s one of the more accessible Reddit apps available on the list. It provides the basics, Imgur support, including support for various file types, and support for the Reddit Gold features. Now also has a modern design that you can swipe to change the subreddits for fast surfing. You can also search your favorite and trend subreddits at will.

Reddit offline

Reddit Offline is a completely free Reddit app. The only purpose of the existing is to help you read Reddit offline. The general basis is that you download large parts of the website. You can then access them offline, for example on subway trips, plane flights, or in areas where you don’t have useful internet. It is a beta version, which means there are bugs that you may have to deal with. Otherwise it’s an excellent app.

Relay for Reddit (Reddit News)

Formerly very popular and known as Reddit News is an application called Relay for Reddit. It also has a physical design interface with the pull-out hamburger menu on the left and safe drop-down menus for other subreddits, but the rest of the navigation consists of gestures and swipes. It has a smooth animation, in which the appearance of the compliment material, the links and comments are loaded at the same time and then everything is fast and smooth. The relay has an excellent user interface for tablets, answers straight from your inbox, a double-page mode, countless adjustments like the others, support for multiple accounts and even a clumsy way.

Splash VR for Reddit

VR is officially one thing, and we’re going to see the dozens of new phones that will be billed as VR beasts from 2020. Daydream is the newest gateway to these wild virtual worlds, and Splash VR for Reddit is the only way to analyze your subs on a mobile VR headset.


RedReader is another free Reddit app. It is also open source. That doesn’t add advertising and no tracking at all. In addition, it offers support for Imgur albums, support for multiple accounts, GIFV files and even a night mode theme that is easier on the eyes.

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