10 Tips How To Speed Up Your Android Smartphone

10 Tips How To Speed Up Your Android Smartphone

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Guide: 10 Tips How To Speed Up Your Android Smartphone

Do Android phones and tablets slow down over time? Many people seem to think so. We’ll take a look at reasons why devices slow down and how one can battle slow downs. Many Android phones of course you can buy for little money in combination with a subscription. Yet they often have a value of several hundred dollars, and often you’ll do two years or longer. That is why it is so fine that your phone is running as smoothly as when you had it in your hands for the first time. In this post, we give you 10 tips how Android smartphone makes quickly so you can have fun for a long time about it.

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Tip 1: Always make sure you have the latest software

An Android phone can be compared in terms of software updates to a Windows PC. It is always important to have the latest software. New software updates often provide better, faster performance and make your phone again and safer. Most phones allow you through your Wi-Fi connection OTA (Over The Air) to scan for the latest update.

Check Android version number

If you’re not sure what version of Android your device is running, you can check on your smartphone:

  1. Open Settings .
  2. Under “System,” touch About phone or About tablet > Android version.
  3. The number displayed is show which Android version your device.

Get Android software updates

You’ll get a notification on your device when you have a software update available. Once you get it, just swipe down it from top of any screen to open the notification and touch Download to start the update. If you haven’t notify via notification and want to check if the re’s an update available for your device:

  1. Open Settings .
  2. Under “System,” touch About phone or About tablet > System updates.
  3. Touch Check for update to see if you have an update waiting. Or touch it for Download if the re’s one already available.
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Tip 2: Make sure your home screen clean

Some phones have a pre-installed animated background (live wallpaper). Change this by using a static background as the Zedge app. In addition, we also recommend you not to tighten too many apps on your home screen, you can move them better in a folder. The fewer apps and wallpapers on your home screen, the faster the performance.

Tip 3: Clean up device storage

Clean up that device storage space. After some time, you’ll find a literal crap-ton of “junk” in your storage. use apps like cleanmaster and DU Speed Booster.

Tip 4: Turn off animations

Each phone displays different animations for example, once you start an app or navigate through menus. These animations can make your phone more slowly. You can choose to completely disable all animations or decrease the transition scale, then your phone will still respond faster and smoother.

Tip 5: Delete apps you do not use often

Check from time to time your app list and remove the applications you do not use often (more).Apps that you have installed but rarely open, yet taxing working memory of your phone. Delete all those apps you’re not using. You know the ones I mean.

INSTRUCTIONS Go to Settings -> Applications -> go to the tab “everything” -> remove apps that you no longer need. Some apps are part of the operating system and can not delete your choose, in which case the option ‘Disable’

Tip 6: Clear your cache of your apps

The cache of your apps make sure the app fast start, because there are still a part of the information or data stored on your phone. But over time will use all kinds of extra memory apps, while some apps have not so often. Your device memory thus becomes full and can react more slowly. It is therefore important to also from time to cache your downloaded apps and check to clear. The app itself moreover just intact and unharmed.

INSTRUCTIONS Navigate to your phone Settings -> Applications -> Tap an app, and then select the bottom of the “Clear Cache” button. 10 Tips How To Speed Up Your Android Smartphone

Tip 7:Operating System Updates and Heavier Apps

Your Android phone doesn’t have the same software it had a year ago. In case you’ve receivedAndroid operating system updates, they is probably not as properly optimized for your device and will have slowed it down. Or, your carrier or manufacturer could have added additional bloatware apps in an update, which run within the background and slow things down.

Even when you haven’t seen a single update, the apps working in your device are newer. Whether or not you’re using newer apps or up to date versions of the same apps you have been using a year in the past, apps seem to grow to be heavier over time. As developers achieve access to faster smartphone hardware, games and different apps may be optimized for this faster hardware and perform worse on older devices. This appears to happen on each platform. Because the years go by, websites turn out to be very heavier, also desktop applications need more RAM, and PC games become extra demanding.

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How you can Fix It: The re’s not a lot you can do here. In case your operating system seems slow, you may wish to set up a custom ROM like CyanogenMod that doesn’t have the bloatware and slow manufacturer skins many devices include. In case your apps appear slow, attempt hunting for more light-weight apps.

Tip 8: Background Processes

You’ve most likely installed more apps as you continue to make use of your device. Some apps open at startup and run in the background, consuming CPU resources and taking on your device’s memory. When you’ve put in a lot of apps that run in the background, they will slow down your device. Android provides real multitasking performance, so apps can run in the background.

In case you’re using an animated live wallpaper and have a large amount of widgets on your home screen, these will take up CPU,memory and graphics assets. Slim your home display down and you’ll see an improvement.

Apps working in the background may consume resources. To check what apps are utilizing background processes, go to the Apps screen in the Settings app and swipe over to the Running category. In the event you don’t use an app that’s running in the background, uninstall it. For those who can’t uninstall it because it came with your device, disable it. Don’t just end the service — it’ll automatically restart.

How you can Fix It: Disable live wallpapers, remove widgets, also uninstall or disable heavy apps you don’t use. Actually, you may want to uninstall all the apps you never use.

Tip 9: Almost Full File System

Solid-state drives slow down as you fill them up, so writing to an file system may be very slow if it’s nearly full. This will cause Android and apps to seem like a lot slower. The Storage screen within the Settings app will show you how full your device’s storage is and what’s using the space.

Cache files can consume fairly a bit of storage space if allowed to grow unchecked, so clearing cache files can free up more disk space and make your file system carry out better. To clear cached data for all put in apps at once, open the Settings app, tap on Storage, scroll down, tap on Cached data, and finally tap OK.

How you can Fix It: Uninstall apps you don’t use, delete files you don’t want, and clear app caches to free up device memory space. You can even simply perform a factory reset and only set up the apps you want to end up with a like-new device.Speed Up Your Android Smartphone (4)

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Tip 10: If all else fails, factory reset.

INSTRUCTIONS Navigate to your phone Settings ->Backup & reset factory reset Your Android Smartphone

Bonus Tip: Download CCleaner

Finally, we recommend you to the popular apps like download CCleanercleanmaster and DU Speed Booster these app also makes sure that your phone fresh and fruity, the day may come through.

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