How to get your website on Google first page?


No one in this world guarantees you, not even GOOGLE that your website will be first in google as google’s crawler is very smart and their searching algorithms are damn clever. The first step to do this is having a website and second is to increase the online visibility.

Online visibility & ranking requires SEO. Instead, you have to understand the tactics of SEO. In addition, you want a clear guide to SEO so you can easily learn some tactics to use on your website. There are some techniques in SEO which will really help you in boosting your rankings. There are many ways to rank your site from sharing a single link to the guest posting. But SEO becomes little tricky nowadays due to frequent updates by Google. Before applying any tactic, you should consider the drawbacks as well as long-term impacts on your ranking.

If you want to get leads and sales from the internet, you will have to get on the first page of Google.This is because that is where the online battle is fought and won.Statistically, 63% of the most clicks go to the first five positions on the first page in Google, with the number 1 spot, taking 42% of the clicks.So being on the first page can mean the difference between your website’s success or failure.

Yet, how do you get on the first page of Google?

You first need to understand that Google is in the business to make provide information to its users.When anyone searches for something in Google, Google will do its best to bring up the most relevant, authoritative, and popular results it can. And this way the customer stays happy and keeps coming back to Google.

So, let’s start how to get your website on Google first page?

Three Algorithms of Google

 google algorithm graph

The Google Panda, Penguin, and Pigeon are the algorithms used by the search results for ranking the websites. Afterward, these algorithms will command sanctions and penalize sites that fail to follow Google guidelines, terms & conditions.

The basic requirement now a day is to have a high quality and unique content on your website. We don’t discount the fact that having a website with exceptional user experience is always a factor in Google search rankings.

If you do not want to fall into Google’s bad graces, stay up-to-date with the latest guidelines, terms & conditions. Usually, the updates are reported by the ends of SEO community and discussed in several online forums.

For more updates on Google’s algorithm, check out Moz’ updates.



Social Media Accounts and Interaction:

Imagine, Coca Cola, Mc Donald, Tim Hortons, IBM, as examples, have Twitter accounts, Facebook Fan Pages, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Why? Because, everyone nowadays is using Twitter, FB, Instagram and hundreds other social media platforms to talk, exchange, inform everything online. That’s why any company, restaurant, spa, plumber, writer, drawer, athlete, school, politician, historian, garage… must have social accounts and not only that but use them, interact with people, clients, visitors.
Open up an account on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Quora etc..In many cases social networking results comes first before the official website.
Include social share buttons

Google “likes” a highly shared page. Pin them at the top of your social account page, and make them highly visible on your landing page.

Create a channel on Youtube(Same name/Title/slogans as your niche reflects) put some original videos of yours niche. It hardly takes 20 mins to do it. Put description about your organization or whatever level of business you have, also includes freelancer.

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keyword research

Keyword Research:

Proper keyword research. Depending on your background, this could be either easy or impossible for you. First is to examine and select low competition keywords. Do research for your competition, search for the primary keyword phrase and location/place you want to target and look at your top 5 competitors. You have to create a list of keyword phrases to target for the website with the same niche, and your competitors have already done the research for you. It’s best to compare each site and cross reference keyword phrases they are using to ensure you are getting the right ones.

This is crucial that your content, titles, descriptions, images are naming, videos naming, articles, press releases, etc. should be based on different keywords in your niche. Do not overdo it, of course, use variations of keywords respecting a density of 1–3% only ( the same keyword must be at max repeated three times within a content of 100 words). Local businesses also should add their location to their websites as well as in videos, social media accounts, etc…

Use keywords in your page title

The URL path of your landing page must be included in your keywords. Don’t worry; it’s not hard to do. Your landing page should have a title, and you use that title when you are creating the page on your website.

Use Google AdWords: Keyword Planner

Use google’s webmaster tool and register your website over there.
Webmasters – Google

View the source code and look at keyword phrases used in their:

Browser page titles – Not more than 70 words long.
Metadata descriptions – no more than 165 characters long. Don’t use any stop words when writing these descriptions. Example stop words are: And, A, The, In, On, Of, Be I.
Metadata keywords (Note – Google does not use this information anymore). 2 -3 phrases max.
View the on page written information and look at keyword phrases used in:
H1 Titles
H2 Titles

Keyword phrases as internal links

When observing competitors websites, it’s valued to note the words used around the main keyword phrases. These are call ‘around keyword words.’ These words are usually used once writing in support of the first keyword phrases the content is regarding. It’s additionally valued noting that you only ought to use variations of your keyword phrases once writing to form the content seem natural. This additionally helps target similar keyword phrases with less competition.

Use keywords and keyword phrases in your text – Make it clear to Google what your page is about. Use your keyword phrases in the text of your page.

 keyword results

Different way to put keyword

As an example, instead of saying Website design say ‘Website Design for little business Geelong.’ These are referred to as longtail keyword phrases. They have a lot of less competition, however, attract higher quality traffic and other people who have an interest in your services.



How old is your website?

I ask this because domain age and authority really counts among the other 200 search engine ranking factors. A new site takes 3 – 6 – 12 months to rank for a keyword with considerable search volume.
Choosing a Domain Name that has the keyword phrase in it. Branding Names like Telus doesn’t mean anything to Google eyes. For businesses that work locally, geo-domains is the best solution, adding a location in the domain like Not going to Exact Match Keyword Domains because of Google new rules where EMDs haven’t good points in their algorithms like a few years ago. Partial EMDs are what you need.

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Well-Written Content

Focus on your website content and write for people, not Google so that people should gain some knowledge from your site. Google is much better at assessing page content. So you can write more naturally rather than keyword stuffing your content. It’s all about relevancy. You browser page titles must be relevant to the page content. Likewise for the H1, H2 titles, metadata descriptions, and URL for each page.

Change the Content of your website:

The best practice to increase your rankings in Google is to create quality content on the website which must be relevant to the website with correct English and grammar. The content must be more the to the search results. Create quality content. Word count should be 2000+.

Content should be original and unique:

You need to add original, unique content on the website which should not be copied from any other website or source. There should not be any duplicity in content in the internal pages of the website. There must be content on each page of the website.


Writing Tips:

Write distinctive content

Think about relevant?

Use the most keyword phrase close to the start of the page. A daring instance of your keyword phrase.

Write regular blogs on your website

Write regularly(guest post) on different websites that have the similar niche to yours. Guarantee your content includes a link back to your website.


Here are four tips to optimizing your landing pages for SEO:


Use relevant meta tags – Meta Tags are your site’s backend stuff that Google reads. Moz explains it well here: Meta Description.

A Theme or template: Having a theme or design that fit a business is important too. Visitors of your website will discover if it’s a related platform to what they need. Other factors here must be taken account like website speed, logo, text colors, quality of images, social media icons, contact page, company coordinates, address map, visible phone number, etc.

Call to Action: Every website must have a Call to Action in various places of the site. A call to action can be a “Call us Now,” “Get an Appointment Now,” “Buy Now,” “Limited Time Offer” etc. depending on a nature of business.

Optimized Website: For this purposes, many website owners use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to audit and then optimize their websites correctly to be on first pages of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Why? Being on Top spots of Google will generate you Free Organic Traffic meaning visitors to your site, calls for your business, leads, and sales. The main factors to optimize a website can be: quality content, rich-keyword titles optimized blog posts, using tags and meta-tags on the site, adding essential plugins, images & videos optimization, high-speed, high-quality Backlinks (to & from other authority websites), Including Videos, formatting every post, widget, etc.

OFF-Page Optimization: This kind of stuff is what is needed outside your website. There are niche related websites and blogs where comments should be done. Adding your business in Directories such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, Manta, etc. Creating mini-sites on high authority websites like Blogger, HubPages, Tumblr, MySpace, etc… just for adding few articles (content) in your niche or biz and link to your money site or main website.

Clients Reviews: This is crucial. You must avoid bad reviews from non-satisfied clients. Yes, many competitors pay to get bad reviews for you on different review websites. There are many consultants doing Reputation Management for controlling reviews, deleting bad ones but if you can yourself contact those posters (if they are your clients) to remove their review in exchange for example 5–10% discount for their next purchase. Always check out reviews about your company or services by visiting reviews platform like Tripadvisor, Trivago, etc.

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Update your website: Don’t just build a website and let it alone! Google crawlers new content each time and indexes it. Google love dynamic sites instead of static sites.

Blog Page: You must have a page for a BLOG and adding new content each week. Content related to your products, services as well as other than that.

On-page SEO


Internal Link Building

Link building is vital when it involves website improvement. The great issue is that you just will management your internal links. Internal links make it a lot of easier for folks and Google to quickly notice connected data/pages on your website. Think about however Wikipedia uses internal links to push you to different ‘relevant’ pages on the location.

Note: 2 hundredths of internal links are often keyword phrases like ‘website style Geelong.’ the opposite eightieth should be additional generic like ‘click here for web style data.’ this is often the most effective balance – otherwise, it seems as keyword spamming.

External Link Building

External link building is tough and long. You wish to 1st find sensible quality websites that good domain authority and well-written content that’s related to your website content. Secondly, you then have to be compelled to speak with the website owner to realize access to the location to post a piece or link back to your site. Most website owners say no. This is often why external link building is tough. It will save you cash and time, and therefore the links will improve your website SEO / SERP.

Website Design

The manner your website has been created and structured is also necessary. Websites need to include responsive website design technology and pass Google mobile-friendly test. Sites also got to load quickly so that folks don’t leave before the site has loaded – this is often referred to as a bounce.
For website optimization, ensure the following points have been covered:
Optimize your pictures to the proper size and ppi.
Compress CSS & Javascript.
Exclude white area in your HTML.
Enable Gzip within the C-panel of your website.
Ensure your robots.txt file allows visiting search engines access to the files the need to see.

For Simple Quick Guide to Understanding Common SEO Terms

For better SEO results you can also buy google amazing SEO software –  Google search Bot v3.9


There are many other parameters for sure, but those are very essentials.I hope these tactics helps.You can heed the following suggestions if you want your website to rank on the first page of Google search.Now, because of this, the websites that are most relevant, authoritative and popular get the first spots.

LOGIC: If google’s crawler see that you met with all above points that mean your site contains some truely-effective information and your page will get the boost.

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