6 Measures To Protect Your Network From Hackers

6 Measures To Protect Your Network From Hackers

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Guide: 6 Measures To Protect Your Network From Hackers

METERMore than seven out of 10 food businesses in the US are single-unit operations. Like all small retail businesses, restaurant payment systems can be the target of information security intrusions.

Criminals see small businesses, along with restaurants, as mere opportunities to commit crime. There are many areas, and in combination, millions of payment card transactions. Information security is one of many areas of risk that owner-operators must manage, and deficiencies persist in many restaurant networks. security practices.

Restaurants are often unsafe as innovative digital solutions proliferate. Wi-Fi, digital menu boards, security cameras, wi-fi credit card processors, and point of sale systems are among the technologies that connect to restaurant networks via IP addresses.

It’s critical to remember that companies are responsible for protecting their customers’ credit card information from cybercriminals, just as they are responsible for keeping thieves out of their stores. Within the area of ​​information security risk mitigation, restorers have guidelines to assist them in the form of payment card industry data security standards.

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Keeping your network safe

Despite vulnerabilities, new digital options can improve operations, improve the customer experience, and increase bottom line. It is neither necessary nor cost-effective to put non-payment solutions on a separate physical network to isolate them from cardholder information.

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These six measures can help protect cardholder data while allowing the normal flow of network data in your restaurant:

Maintain a strong firewall. A firewall is a network security system, based on both software and hardware on a set of rules. Acting as a barrier between untrusted networks and other trusted networks, such as the Internet, or less reliable networks, similar to a retail merchant’s network outside of the cardholder’s data settings, a firewall controls access to the resources of a network through a positive control model. Which means that the only traffic allowed on the network described in the firewall policy is; all other traffic is denied. The PCI information security standards direct the firewalls for the agreement.

Perform regular scans of your network. The best way to determine if your systems have been compromised is to regularly scan them for vulnerabilities. For relatively low annual fees, a security vendor will remotely scan all access points on your external systems to decide if any are vulnerable to intrusion. Use a reputable and professional company to administer these electronic scans regularly.

Limit remote access. Many restaurants move their firewalls open to outside input by managers who operate remotely or vendors who provide routine support on the systems. Create a strong password instead of using the default codes and change them frequently. Similarly, always change the default firewall settings to allow only essential entry and limit remote access to secure strategies like VPN.

Make sure all credit card details are encrypted. When you have older POS tools sending raw credit card information to a back-office server, it may be time to improve. Modern, secure POS systems encrypt credit card information as soon as a card is swiped, generally sending that information immediately to the payment processor without temporarily storing information.

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Segment your network. For example, make sure your point of sale information traffic is distributed from your security cameras, digital menu boards, Wi-Fi system. If you want to allow managers to connect to the POS via Wi-Fi, connect them via a convenient LAN that separates authorized traffic into a security zone.

Keep your software up to date. Producers frequently update operating systems and POS software to strengthen security and eliminate weaknesses vulnerable to hackers. Make sure you download the latest OS patches and keep all POS software up-till the date. Addressing these issues is a sensible step in helping you protect your customer information, their respect, and the honesty of your payment card processing environment.

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