6 ways to protect yourself by hackers

6 ways to protect yourself by hackers

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Guide: 6 ways to protect yourself by hackers

if you have the world’s best antivirus, spyware or firewall installed in your system, it still doesn’t provide 100% security. You can add more to make your cyber life secure. Getting hacked is one of the phases of internet life that has affected millions of people around the globe. Today we’re here with some methods by which you can safe yourself by hackers. Most computer networks have some kind of virus protection installed in them, but new viruses are written every day and the others may lay asleep until a certain function is executed, unleashing the virus and completing the task it was written for.

Many times the virus was written to gather simple information, but other viruses are written to gather financial information or other vital data that could possibly have damaging results in the wrong hands. Check out here some ways by which you can easily protect yourself by hackers.

1. Passwords and Password Managers

A strong password is a good first step to securing your data. But you want to do more than just use a combination of letters and symbols. To reduce the chances of having your password select or brute forced, use a password manager and use a randomly generated alpha-numeric password that’s at least 20 characters long.

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2. Always Install Windows In a different directory

Windows usually, automatically installs itself in Local Disk (C:), the WINDOWS directory. Windows will provide an option for WINNT. That is when many of rough Exe files and virus are allowed to install automatically during windows installation. To get rid of these rough program, you have to install your window in any other drive then Local Disk (C:) – It’s totally up to you whatever you name the directly during installation.

3. Don’t leave your default passwords blank

During installation sets up an Administrator account with overall prompts and system access with the help of a password. Now Guess what? By leaving the passwords as default, it’ll enable the password to be blank. If you don’t want to put up a password, you can simply click NEXT.

4. Don’t save your password in browser history

Most of us are lazy to type our password on every time we access our email accounts, online banking account or any private account that has to be open via password on the internet. Type your password every time you sign in. Don’t save your password in browser history as it can be used by hackers and stealer via cookie stealing script.

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5. Secure Your Network

Most current American homes have a computer network and some of us sometimes may work from home and have the ability to connect the work network remotely. Many of those home networks are wireless and may not be well secured — they may be vulnerable to illicit intrusion and you’d not know it.

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Finding an unsecured PC network can be done with an Internet-enabled smartphone. Some hackers even conduct drive-by hacking. These hackers drive into neighborhoods with a PC and look for unsecured wireless computer networks. Once they discover one, they’re able to administer an illicit activity or even collect pertinent info that may divulge sensitive personal or work information.

6. Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication acts as a stop-gap when a new device tries to log into a service or site. For example, with Facebook, Twitter, Google+’s two-factor authentication feature enabled, when you try to log into your account with a new or other device, it sends you a text message with a temporary password. In other words, you can not log into an account without your phone and the temporary password sent to that phone.

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