7 YouTube Tricks You Probably Don’t Know

7 YouTube Tricks You Probably Don’t Know

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Guide: 7 YouTube Tricks You Probably Don’t Know

Youtube is undoubtedly one of the most popular video streaming websites on the market. Whether you want to check out some new music videos or find the newest ones tutorials To use a software or gadget, the first place that usually comes to mind is YouTube. Despite being extremely popular and powerful, there are some tricks and options that, however, may be unknown to most users.

Youtube trick

This publication aims to deliver tricks which will add more dimension to your experience on the YouTube platform, and allows you to enjoy among the little-known shortcuts, hacks and particular features must use on Youtube.

These are the 7 YouTube Tricks

1. Specific start time

If you want share only a certain part of a video With a user, you will notice that there is no official possibility to do this. In general, it is important to let others know when they will start. I bet you didn’t know that it is a useful trick to send a link to a person or embed a certain part of the YouTube video on your website. Skip the fluff and go to the good stuff.

Is that how it works. Think of the following Youtube video URL:


After the URL link, add # t = 01m08s to set the starting point of the video to 1 minute and 8 seconds. This is how it should look:

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Youtube trick 01

To embed a part of a YouTube video, the method is the same. You just have to add # t = 01m08s to embed code you get from the original video and paste it on your website.

As soon as a user takes the video, it should automatically start from the point you could have specified in the embed code.

Youtube trick

2. Automatic video playback

There are specific times when you get obsessed with a YouTube video, be it a very catchy song or a funny video. Isn’t it annoying having to press replay every time you get close to the final? Why not activate the loop? feature?

What now? Let’s use the same YouTube video. Just change Youtube with the textinfinitelooper inside the url and hit enter.

Youtube trick

It will redirect you to a different third-party YouTube platform, where you are also given the option to repeat selected parts of the video.

Youtube trick

3. High definition video auto play

Usually, while playing a YouTube video, the high quality of the video has been set by default for you, usually with a lower quality video resolution. To prevent this from happening, you can push the system to play videos permanently in HD format.

Take the extension known as Magic actions for Youtube accessible only to Google Chrome andFirefox. Allow option Auto HD within the extension and choose the video decision you want to be made automatically. You can also configure the mouse wheel to scroll up (and lower) the volume of the video.

Youtube trick

4. Precise keyword search

There are a lot of videos on Youtube, so searching for that particular Youtube video you want to watch is an adventure in itself. You can finish up crawling through dozens of pages in hopes of finding the video you really need to watch.

The answer to this time-consuming exercise is to add allintitle: before the keywords you are looking for. Basically what it does is provide you with only videos that include your chosen keywords.

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Youtube trick

5. Skip keywords

You can choose specific keywords to be in or out of search. Let’s say you’re trying to find a tutorial about “register domain”. Using the most standard type of search, you will find tons of videos on finding out how to register domain using Godaddy.

If you want to find different non-GoDaddy options, you can always exclude the keyword from your search results, ie “keyword excluded from keyword”.

This is how it should look.

Youtube trick

6. Speed ​​checker

The most important race on the planet is the red bar and the gray bar. Youtubers know what I’m talking about. You can actually check the upload speeds of the video (if it makes you feel better, understand if the problem is related to your connection or the damn video) by including my_speed next to the YouTube deal Home Page.

If you can’t remember the URL extension, right-click on any video and go to ‘Perform speed test’.

Youtube trick

You’ll get readings of your average video speed based on your location, and you can even examine speeds based on certain dates.

Youtube trick

7. Watch videos with slow internet speed

Youtube has launched a robust feature known as ‘Feather Beta’. This feature is dedicated to users who need to run videos on a very slow internet connection. The system mainly reduces some bytes that limit the video transmission speed in your browser.

Youtube trick


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