8 Greatest Apps to Maximize Android perfomance

8 Greatest Apps to Maximize Android perfomance

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Guide: 8 Greatest Apps to Maximize Android perfomance

Android is not as controlled and regulated as its iOS competitor. It doesn’t matter what version of the mobile OS you are running, but with android you can do almost anything which you can’t with other mobile OS like you can increase android perfomance through these tools. It allow the android user to tweak and optimize the system’s great perfomance from A to Z.From cache cleaner to junk file remover, CPU overclocking tools and app startup disablers, here are 8 Android tools that you can use to get more out of your system and increase your android phone perfomance.

1. Clean Master (Free)


Cheetah Mobile’s Clean Master comes with a Junk Files tool for cleaning your phone’s app and system cache in addition to temp files. It additionally sports a memory saving Phone Boost tool, an app manager and antivirus tool. Whilst you can most likely skip the task-killer-like options of Phone Boost, the Junk File device is nice at cleansing out widowed and temporary files, in addition to cleaning out your system cache to free up phone storage. The app supervisor allows customers to backup APKs files, move your phone apps to the SD card and uninstall apps. A stunning strong level is Clear Master’s antivirus tool, which scored highly grade in AV-TEST’s latest mobile antivirus survey.

2.DU Speed Booster (Free)


One other comparable all-in-one Android optimization tool is DU Speed Booster, which comes for android phone with a Trash Cleaner for app cache and junk file cleaning, a one-touch optimization, apps manager, antivirus, a privacy advisor and built-in with a web speed test. Again, the benefits of task-killing with accelerators are dubious, DU Velocity Booster’s junk file / cache cleaner is a great way to free up internal storage space, and the app manager and some other tools are also solid features.

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3. SD Maid (Free)

android_comp3SD Maid is a storage maintenance app designed to free up space in your SD Card or internal storage by searching for widowed files and folders left behind by uninstalled apps. As well as, it additionally doubles as a file manager. The app is a great way to clean up most ofdrive space, and can be nice for periodic system maintenance. The free model is a perfectly serviceable app, however extra choices can be unlocked by purchasing an unlock key.

4. CCleaner (Free)

android_comp4Piriform’s CCleaner is one of the greatest PC upkeep tools for Windows machines, and now, it is also gone mobile with an Android app that is the proper tool that will help you clean the crap out of your android phone. Like its computer sibling, CCleaner for Android is a multipurpose cleaning device that may clear out your application cache, download folders, browser history, and different temporary files, in addition to optionally clean your call and SMS log selectively or in bulk. Along with its quick, advert-free cleaning the experience, CCleaner also comes with an CPU, RAM and storage meters ,app manager, in addition to battery and temperature tools.

5. CPU Tuner (requires root) (Free)

android_comp5CPU Tuner allows you to monitor and tweak your CPU’s efficiency. Customize the settings to your CPU governor, underclock to save the battery, overclocks to improve performance, and set numerous trigger-based efficiency profiles to ensure your CPU performs simply the way you need. Again, a little care and analysis as to what your hardware can tolerate is important, particularly if you select to overclock. Additionally, unlike comparable functions (SetCPU, for example), CPU Tuner is free on the Google Play market.

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6. 3c Toolbox / Android Tuner (requires root) (Free)

android_comp63c Toolbox, previously known as Android Tuner, provides users with ton of diagnostic and tweaking tools that a savvy user can make the most of to diagnose and improve the well being of their system. The toolbox features a task manager to kill (or manage) your apps, backup or restore APKs, CPU governor and system settings, voltage tweaks such as SD cache size or just view a wealth of diagnostic data. To change any of the settings with tinkers apps, be careful of what you are doing with tinker with and do your research before changing anything.

7. BetterBatteryStats ($2.89) (requires root)

android_comp7Whereas the Android settings menu provides users with some insight on battery standing and how a lot energy is in use, technically oriented users can get way more comprehensive info with apps like BetterBatteryStats. Plus, BBS has great tools for tracking apps that do “partial wakelocks” that prevent the machine from entering battery-saving sleep mode. If you suspect that a few of your apps are chewing by means of your battery life or are preventing your phone from correctly entering sleep mode, BBS can be a useful gizmo to help.

8. Greenify (requires root) (Free)

android_comp8Greenify basically places an app in a state of hibernate, unable to access the system resources, bandwidth or run background processes on your android device. However, Greenify allows you to run the app usually in the foreground when explicitly called by the person without any of these extra fuss. If you’ve a memory or battery hogs that keep draining resources within the background, do not bother with a task-killer when you may simply greenify it. Simply do not do this to your alarm clock or messenger, unless you need them to stop working.


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