Allview Wi8G Review, best window 8.1 tablet with 3G features

Allview Wi8G Review, best window 8.1 tablet with 3G features

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Guide: Allview Wi8G Review, best window 8.1 tablet with 3G features

First All View tablet with 8-inch screen and Windows 8.1 at the beginning of 2021 and it’s here Allview Wi8G . Allview Wi8G 01The tablet was introduced in December 2021 and measures 9.07mm thick. This device weighs 351 grams, is made of plastic and comes with Allview Impera I8. Allview Wi8G It has rounded edges and the front is a fingerprint magnet. The product is barely slippery and nice seems to be good for its value and the device is easy to carry with one hand and also easy to manipulate the tile sites with one hand.Allview Wi8GIn front of the tablet is the front camera and Windows button while in the back we have the main room and two speakers, plus the plastic cover on the top. Below is the SIM and microSD slot. Inside the upper area of ​​the terminal we have an audio connector, a microUSB port and a microphone, and there may be nothing in the lower area. Allview Wi8G No, we have not left any ports or protrusions, and on the right we discover the On / Off and the volume buttons, all with good comments. Also note that Wi8G It has high bezels, the display comes in black or white, and it’s a pretty solid device, though it’s mostly made of plastic. Hardware-wise, this model offers an excellent 8-inch IPS LCD screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. Allview Wi8GOn board we have a processor Intel Atom 1.33 GHz Z3735G a quad-core processor based on a 22nm process with 2M cache and burst mode to wires at 1.83 GHz frequency. Different features include Intel HD graphics GPU , 16 GB of storage, microSD slot, 1 GB of DDR3 RAM, a 2 megapixel main unit camera and secondary with the same resolution. Regarding connectivity, the tablet provides GPS, HSPA + connectivity with download speeds of 21 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 5.76 Mbps, in addition to Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi 802.11 b / g / n and microUSB 2.0. The tablet contains an accelerometer, a Li Po 3800 mAh and 3.7 V and the included charger is 5 V / 2 A. On paper, the tablet achieves 4 hours of use or 140 hours of standby operation. In our test, loop HD video playback with WiFi on and 50% brightness we arrived at 7:00 and 20 minutes of playback . The upload is complete in 2:30.Allview Wi8G In the settings associated with the way we touch Suspend, and they appear in the Desktop settings that you understand and Windows 7, these of light, suspension and upper battery options, common laptops. I would say that the battery is a pleasant surprise, especially since we were promised 4 hours of use, however, in regular use, the battery visibly drains, particularly when running various applications in the background.Allview Wi8GIn the acoustic field we find Xbox Music and speakers, or rather, the number of speakers is good, but not incredible. The bass is not too good, the back of the tablet vibrates, but the sound is clear and the notes are heard well. Now we don’t have an equalizer and the loud sound is slightly distorted. The area desk includes a sound mixer with basic options. The decibelmetrul test, I got behind the tablet and 80.9 dBA and 62.8 dBA expensive a big difference, so if you put the tablet on a flat surface, it will lose power greatly. However, the tablet is not far from Xiaomi I Pad, which reaches a volume of 84 dBA. For a tablet the volume is fine and regardless of appearances we offer not just one speaker and two. Now we move on to looking at video / display, where we offer an 8-inch IPS LCD panel with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and use of the Xbox video player application. Allview Wi8GThe display makes the colors correct, the brightness appears correct at first glance, and quite wide viewing angles. They fall when the brightness is at a lower level. The pixels are of the RGB Stripe type and the brightness measured by us is 162 LUX white , which means very low, within the top 5 among the lowest brightness measured by us. Allview Wi8GReflectivity is high and the Display Settings space includes options for resolution options for text, while desktop mode provides options for brightness, color, and size. Desktop mode is too labor intensive for a user’s fingers and it could be supreme to use a stylus in conjunction with it. I’d say the overall screen brightness is weak, however the colors are fine and the brightness in real life feels more like 250+ LUX than 160. Allview Wi8GIn the bedroom, we have options available like timer and exposure, and touch focus. Quality is poor and photos are blurry. The room is rather updated with a spec check, and the front camera it is used for calls via Skype. This model achieves a 35.1 degree Celsius temperature After 15 minutes of Riptide GP2 play, which is more than good and does not overheat. The IE browser from the terminal board is fast and the virtual keyboard is comfortable, although this model supports and works in conjunction with a physical Bluetooth keyboard. I came to the reference point , where we compare this specifically ASUS Vivo Tab Notes 8 tablet model, as a result of the related format, although that device has 2GB of RAM and no one. These are the results of the comparative tests achieved:

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Allview Wi8GASUS Vivotab Notes 8Transformer Book T100 TAIpad air
GPU PC Bank556634
Bench pc ram386695
CPU bank for PC32/11135/132
Disk Bank for PC51/15943/114
Relative bank133119912101
Browser brand991277727374838
Solar spider514401415386.2
Speed ​​Test14/172/17

This model gets around two to three of the benchmarks, but don’t lag, if you don’t overdo it, the variety of apps open in the background. The Riptide GP2 gaming machine runs easilyand it has nice 3D graphics. The tablet works Windows 8.1 with Office 365 staff 12 months to pack and 1 TB of cloud storage via OneDrive. As usual, the Windows 8 contact experience is based on swiping. Swipe down to close an app, swipe as much as present app options, swipe sideways to switch between apps. Allview Wi8GYou and either display the apps in a multi-tasking side area or have Snap split the screen in two, half for each app. It was extended with Windows 8.1 and startup targets to bring you the Metro interface. Within the video review, I presented an indication of Word and Excel, which have not received a version that requires quite a bit of touch and interaction with the mouse and keyboard, with painstaking user interface elements. Allview Wi8G It comes with a USB OTG cable, which allows the connection of a USB stick, keyboard and mouse, when used wirelessly. In desktop mode, you can install X86 applications using .exe files. Unfortunately we hit the little storage space so after a few benchmarks I put in Office after 2 games and I am left with only 200MB of free … Allview Wi8GWithin the list of installed applications we can confirm that we are not part of bloatware. Pre-installed applications include Calendar, Food and Beverage from MSN Health & Fitness, Maps, Money, News, oneDrive, OneNote, Reader, Reading List, Scan, Skype, Sports, Store, Travel, Weather, Print, Paint and Notepad, among the standards. Windows.

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