Best Cydia hacking apps and tools

Best Cydia hacking apps and tools

Cydia hacking apps for iPhone → Thousands of hacks and tweaks are available in the Cydia App Store. Nowadays, many mobile users use the iPhone, and many of them are now jailbreaking their iPhone and using the Cydia app to customize the user interface and lift the iPhone’s limitations. In this post today you will learn a fascinating trick that you can implement after installing Cydia apps on your iPhone. In this article, you will learn more about the iPhone hacks Best iPhone Cydia Hacking Apps and the iPhone hacking software. So check out our list of the best iPhone Cydia hacking apps and iPhone hacking software below and let us know what you think of our list in the comments section below.

Listed iPhone Cydia hacking apps


WepGen is the best iPhone tool to hack into a WiFi network. This feature allows you to hack into the WiFi network settings and perform WiFi hacking attacks on your iPhone. This app is not as popular, but it works the same as professional apps. You need to use this app as it is sure to make your iPhone a hacking device.

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WLAN audit

This app can only find the key to WiFi and WiFi routers located in Spain, and it can also work in some of the different countries. This app is free and you can download, install and crack WiFi passwords.


Perhaps iSpeedTouched is another of the best Cydia apps for finding WEP and WPA WiFi passwords. This app has been downloaded over a million times. It has also breached millions of WiFi routers around the world. With iSpeedTouched you can get the WiFi password you need in any network within a few ticks.

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Aircrack-ng for iPhone

With the Aircrack-ng for iPhone app you can crack the WiFi password and destroy the network security. This app is one of the best iPhone hacking apps. So you need to try this app on your iOS device and have fun with your iPhone hacks.

WPA tester

WPA Tester is another five-minute WiFi password hacking app available in the Cydia App Store. Paolo Arduino develops this app. Jailbreak is not required to use this app. To download this application from the App Store, you have to pay € 1.49. However, it’s free to download the cracked version from the Cydia App Store if you have Cydia on your iOS device.

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