Best PPC Publisher Advertising Networks of 2021

Best PPC Publisher Advertising Networks of 2021

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Guide: Best PPC Publisher Advertising Networks of 2021

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The Best PPC Publisher Ad Networks of 2021 → PPC (Pay Per Click) is a widely used and leading form of online advertising. There are many ways to advertise online, such as by print, affiliate, action, or lead. But PPC ads are the best and most effective way. Every webmaster who dreams of making money through the use of ads, PPC ads will become the main source of their earnings. So we joined leading platforms such as Google Adsense, and others as a publisher that plays us for Pay Per Click.

PPC is one of the best and most effective ways to earn income from your content online. So today we are here with a list of Best PPC publisher ad networks. Check out our list below and leave a comment if you like it!

2021 PPC Publisher Ad Network List

Google Adsense is one of the best publisher PPC ad networks. Without a doubt, all webmasters want to earn through Adsense for many reasons, such as its popularity, quality and high rates. Even Google Adsense is a product of Google Inc, which increases the level of trust. In summary about Google Adsense. They are bid-based CPC ad networks with multiple advertisers in different niches. The CPC rate varies between the range of $ 0.01 – $ 15 depending on the location of the visitor and the blog niche.

Infolinks is another one of the best PPC ad networks. Infolinks is a combined text link based CPC and CPM ad network like RPM. If your blog has text-based content, Infolinks is the best option to earn income. Infolinks depends on the blog niche and the ad will display according to the keywords. The best and main part of Infolinks is that they do not need space to place banners. Infolinks offers various ad formats, including text-based, cloud, in-frame, search, and screen ads.

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Bidvertiser is the largest and most famous PPC ad network. It is also the best option if you cannot get approved by Adsense. It is also a famous and oldest advertising platform. Bidvertiser offers banner-based ads, custom toolbars, and much more. Bidvertiser is the best option if you are an advertiser or publisher.

Chitika is also a famous platform for PPC advertising using Search Ads, Local Ads and Mobile Advertisements. Chitika ads only show for organic search engine traffic. That means you will only win if your visitors come through a search engine. Chitika offers high CPC rates compared to others, but low bits compared to Adsense. Chitika also offers the Referral Program, which means you’ll earn a 10% publisher commission for ten months after you sign up.

Clicksor is another one of the best alternatives for banner and text-based advertising. Clicksor is the best and most popular platform for advertisers and publishers. Clicksor has various advertising formats such as in-text ads and contextual banner ads, affiliates. Clicksor is a network of bid-based CPC, CPM and CPA ads. Clicksor has also recommended a program where you earn a 10% commission from the publisher and advertiser.

Affinity is also a great PPC network and has the best place in the advertising market. Affinity has taken many forms of advertising. Publisher can get more revenue from their website by implementing in toolbar, text, search suggestion, widget, and many other great forms of advertising. Affinity has the highest revenue share up 95% with the publisher compared to other networks.

AdHitz is a growing advertiser platform, but its performance for publisher platforms is not that good. AdHitz offers flat rate PPC advertising and even if some advertisers like the publisher’s site they will buy ad space for a particular time range and rate.

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Kontera Ads

Kontera is an almost PPC ad network similar to Infolinks. Provides text-based ads for a keyword content blog. Kontera displays ads based on double underlined keywords that seem a bit irritating to users. Kontera offers lower CPC rates, but they have the highest CTR rate. Kontera shares 70% of the revenue with Publisher, but I like to recommend trying Infolinks first.

Note. Amobee, a mobile The advertising company is now the parent company of Kontera Ads. For more information read this news through TechCrunch.

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