Best Traffic Exchange sites

Best Traffic Exchange sites


Best Traffic Exchange Sites – Traffic transfer has a long and variable history in the world of internet marketing. Sometimes they were incredibly effective. Exchange of traffic is an excellent idea. The traffic exchange itself is a central hub that regulates websites and views. You are recording for the site because you want your site to be viewed by other users. The traffic shift shows a small stop sign in front of you and points to the pool of other websites that are already in the system. Today we give you the download link from 25 best traffic exchange siteswhere you can log in and increase your website traffic or make money surfing. So take a look at our list Top 25 Traffic Exchange Websites Below and Leave Comments If You Like It? Don’t miss: 2020: Best URL shortener services to make money

List of the best transport exchanges

10K hits

10KHits was founded in 2011 and is one of the most privileged traffic exchanges that not only offers free website visits but also pays for organic traffic. It is not very complex and offers free traffic for simple users. There are also two plans to choose from – the Pro plan or the Business plan. It also has some of the most amazing features that not all exchanges offer. This includes organic traffic, geographic targeting, social traffic, anonymous or even direct traffic and minimizing the bounce rate. In addition, there is 24 * 7 customer support who is always at your side. In addition, he has very good reviews and people seem to be happy with his service.


Hitleap is known for offering customers simple solutions that help them earn free traffic. With Hitleap, you can earn free traffic in just three easy steps. These begin with customers submitting their website, customers viewing other members’ websites, and in return also viewing the customer’s website. It’s pretty easy and convenient. The y are also very flexible for customer inquiries and can either earn or buy free traffic and they can also adjust the amount of traffic they want to receive.

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Rank boostup

Rank Boostup is a traffic exchange that has been in use since 2007 and is very well known and valued. The advanced ir platform extends the conglomerate with mobile data traffic, which enables you to position yourself better on mobile devices. You can also allow white label traffic. So you can decide where your data traffic comes from – whether it is Google, Facebook, Pinterest or others. You can keep bounce rates to a minimum by setting the percentage of visitors who want to navigate to another page on your website or click a link on the page. You can also choose a visit duration, i.e. H. You can choose how long or how long a visitor should stay.


Otohits is a simple, fast and efficient platform that was updated in 2020: best autosurfs with a clear interface that is completely free and also hides the referrer on your websites. They offer very quick validation of your websites, even automatically for some websites, and don’t even have many problems. They ensure smooth and fast registration and other processes. It has a unique autosurf engine that allows you to customize the duration of visitors.

Elite autosurf

The y are also well known and valued, even if they do not offer a personalized timer, i.e. H. The customer cannot choose the time period in which visitors should stay on his website. The same is set to 10 seconds, which gives you six visits per minute and at a ratio of 0.5, meaning you earn three credits per minute. Another important positive point is that there are weekly competitions for recommendations. This is a great opportunity to do some traffic.

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As a marketing and branding tool, Twistrix is ​​well known and established and offers you powerful traffic exchange, email marketing, downline creator and social integration to create your brand. The y can take care of the constant flow of visitors to your website, homepage, compression page, blog, social pages and much more. They have much more to offer, such as banners and advertising texts in prominent places on the website, and the quality is guaranteed because it is not new and has been in the same company since 2007. Nor will they affect the results because they are new customers who join them and rely on them every second.

Simple Hits4U

Easy Hits4U was founded in 2003 and not only has a very strong worldwide reputation and reputation with over 7.90,000 registered members, it is also one of the largest free websites for manual traffic exchange. It helps you to promote your own website / blog as well as referral links / partners from other programs to build your downlines. This works in a very simple way, i. H. As a user, you can earn 1: 1 or 2: 1 website surfing credits. In return, your website will be shown to the number of other users on the exchange network.

G. Traffic News

It is certainly one of 2020 updated: best because of its exceptionally low visitor / aspect ratio, as some websites keep sending the same people to your website.

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So everything is about up there Best traffic exchange sites for free. I hope you like it, please don’t forget to share this post with others.

Note. Please choose any name from the list and search for it directly Google or other search engines. If one of the websites does not work, please let us know via our contact forum.

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