Cloudbeds vs hotelogix: Price and Software Features

Cloudbeds vs hotelogix: Price and Software Features

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Guide: Cloudbeds vs hotelogix: Price and Software Features

Find out what we are saying about Cloudbeds vs hotelogix. Read Cloudbeds and hotelogix reviews, pricing information and what features Offers.

Explore prices, reviews and features and compare other top hotel management software with Cloudbeds at

Hotelogix is ​​a property management system that seamlessly streamlines all critical hotel operations, from front desk to point of sale to housework, allowing the user to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

When it comes to the hostel management software program, there are two names that you can’t miss. Cloudbeds and Hotelogix are two of the most popular software programs in the accommodation management business.

With that said, most people who select one of them mistake it for the opposite. With scores that are nearly identical and the consumer satisfaction that accompanies diplomacy, it is actually a problematic choice.

After you’ve gone through a couple of evaluations and done some intensive analysis, here is a list of problems that can, at final, separate them from some harsh elements. Lastly, the answer to the hostel management’s biggest IT query is here.

Cloudbeds versus Hotelogix: which is better?

Customer experience

As one of the crucial elements of all time, the consumer interface performs well in improving every program. Although each software program has an unprecedented interface, the latter needs some trouble.

A survey was conducted in which information from many clients had been collected. According to the information, the Hotelogix accommodation management software program was actually beaten by a slim margin. In the overall consumer experience, Cloudbeds scored 100% buyer satisfaction, while Hotelogix scored 98%.

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Although the possibilities are wild and separated by a meager margin, it is a result final that stands out even when the margin is almost zero.

Pricing flexibility

Let’s face all the details. Even if we have a product that performs exceptionally, we look for another with value and flexibility. Because there is not much distinction between features, the flexibility of values ​​will play an important role.

While Hotelogix has the option of a $ 65 hard and fast buy and a listed value, Cloudbeds only has a price-based value.

Although some people might advise that this is a ridiculous level to evaluate, it is not. The factor with the quoted value is that some to many customers do not know what they are saying. At that time, it helps provide you with a selected value. This provides an unconscious message that the supplier is aware of what the customer needs.

With a quote, obviously, the add-ons are likely just a little extra. Even if the package is a regular package. The reason could also be in the precise aspect, however, understanding is still the alternative.

Based primarily on the region

Now this is a vital recreation change for every software program. While Cloudbeds hotel management software runs on the browser-based platform, Hotelogix has a fully custom interface.

Since Cloudbeds is the browser-based software program, features in a comparatively easier approach for operators. The idea is easy: “You can’t expect everyone to have technical computer skills.” While the same old strategy is speculated to be well-trained personnel on the job, it fails in times of major emergencies.

That only describes the aggressive success of Cloudbeds compared to Hotelogix. Because Cloudbeds is an American product, the product is more accessible by default for larger residents. But anticipating that every nation or consumer, particularly a technically savvy consumer, is not good. Because it is a browser-based platform, it is easier to access.

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Since Hotelogix is ​​a specifically designed interface module, it is a bit difficult to use. The expectation of seeing a trusted IT-savvy space in any location is wrong, Cloudbeds simply prevails.


So what integrations are they? Integrations are like add-ons that simplify your work. So technically speaking, the more the variety of integration software programs help, the simpler it will be for you to move on.

With a significantly larger checklist of supported integrations, there is little doubt that Cloudbeds is easier to use than Hotelogix.

Cloudbeds has a wide variety of third-party applications, similar to email, CRM, digital signatures, and reporting software programs. Compared to Cloudbeds, Hotelogix has a smaller checklist, even when the checklist is just as effective.

As real logic suggests, the more you must work on, the more you can have the option to depend on. Because some apps are meant for serious advertising and marketing, the winner of this comparability is clearly Cloudbeds.

What is Cloudbeds

Cloudbed is award-winning SaaS-based property management software that helps hotels, hostels, and vacation rentals save time and automate operations.

What is hotelogix

Hotelogix is ​​a property management system that streamlines all critical hotel operations seamlessly, from reception to point of sale to cleaning operations, allowing the user to manage multiple tasks at once.


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