Fix ‘0x0000007b errors in Windows’ Issue

Fix ‘0x0000007b errors in Windows’ Issue

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Guide: Fix ‘0x0000007b errors in Windows’ Issue

Many Windows users ask us for help after protection from boot by error BSOD 0x0000007B. As it turns out, the frequency of this error is higher on versions of Windows older than Windows 10 (Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8.1). By and large, this major error seems to occur when the PC suddenly loses access to the system partition during each startup. 0x0000007B refers to INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE.

It is mainly caused by mechanical problems. (Failure on your hard drive, RAM, etc.) means the computer cannot access the hard drive that stores the boot records. Error 0x7B may appear due to scan, data corruption, or other application failure.

How to Fix STOP 0x0000007B Errors

  • Restart your computer if you have not already done so. The blue screen error STOP 0x0000007B may be fluke.
  • Have you just installed or converted to a hard drive manager? If so, there is a good chance that the change that caused the STOP error is 0x0000007B. Restore conversion and test for blue screen error 0x7B. Depending on the type of change you make, some solutions may include:
    • Removing or reconfiguring the newly installed hard drive manager.
    • Getting started up with the last known Reinstall System to fix related registry and driver changes.
    • Using System Restore to restore recent changes.
    • Change the hard drive driver driver to an before your driver update.
  • Make sure the SCSI chain is completely terminated, assuming you are using SCSI hard drives in your computer. Incorrect SCSI termination has been identified to cause STOP errors 0x0000007B.
  • Make sure the hard drive is properly installed. An incorrectly installed hard drive can cause this error and other issues.
  • Make sure the hard drive is properly configured in the BIOS. STOP error 0x0000007B can occur if the hard drive settings in the BIOS are incorrect.
  • Scan your computer for viruses. Some malware that detects new boot record (MBR) or boot sector may cause STOP 0x0000007B errors.
  • Update drivers for your hard drive controller. If the drivers to your hard drive manager are outdated, incorrect, or damaged, STOP 0x0000007B error will occur.
  • Change SATA mode in BIOS to IDE mode. Keep some improvements features if the SATA drivers in the BIOS can stop the error STOP 0x0000007B from displaying up, even if you are seeing it in Windows XP or during a Windows XP installation.
  • Run chkdsk on your hard drive. If the boot volume is damaged, the chkdsk command can repair the damage.
  • Perform a major test of your hard drive. If your hard drive has a physical problem, a very likely situation is the STOP 0x0000007B error you are seeing. Replacing the hard drive of the completed diagnostic tests suggests that there is a hardware problem with the computer.
  • Perform the fixmbr command to create a master boot record. Damaged master boot record may cause your STOP error 0x0000007B.
  • Turn off the CMOS. Sometimes the error STOP 0x0000007B is caused by a BIOS memory issue. Turning off CMOS can solve that problem.
  • Update your BIOS. In some cases, the old BIOS may cause this error due to incompatibility with the hard drive manager.
  • Update the hard drive manager firmware if possible. As with the BIOS in the previous step, the error may cause a 0x7B error and a firmware update from the manufacturer may fix the problem.
  • Repair your Windows installation. If you have only replaced the motherboard on a computer without installing Windows then this will probably fix your problem.
  • Repair your Windows installation. If you have only replaced the motherboard on a computer without installing Windows then this will probably fix your problem.


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