Fix ‘Black Screen of Death On Apple iPhone’ Issue

Fix ‘Black Screen of Death On Apple iPhone’ Issue

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Guide: Fix ‘Black Screen of Death On Apple iPhone’ Issue

New iPhones have almost no buttons, which is great for increasing the screen size, but can cause problems when the screen is dark and will not turn on. An unresponsive touch screen will turn your $ 900 mobile phone into an expensive home block. Fortunately, there are ways to fix almost every black screen of death error on your iPhone. Depending on the problem, you may just need to leave the iPhone alone for a while or plug it into your computer.

The black screen on the iPhone may indicate an application problem or may be caused by minor firmware issues. One possible remedy is a hard reset. For iPhone 8 or earlier models, press and hold Power button and Home button for 10 seconds. If your iPhone does not have a home button, Chances are you have a newer model (iPhone X or newer). To hard reset your iPhone’s black screen, press and release the volume up button, then press and release volume button.

Fixing the iPhone Black Screen of Death Problem

The iPhone black screen problem has become so common that more and more users experience it every single day. But the thing is, even if it may seem like a serious hardware issue, it actually has a pretty small firmware-related problem, provided that your iPhone does not have any physical or liquid damage. Here is what you need to do rẹ

Restart again

Freezes iPhone screen issues that are triggered by minor software errors as random firmware crashes are often corrected by a forced reset. The reboot works the same way with the flexible configuration but it differs in how they work. It is an automated battery removal process used to forcefully shut down and restart an unresponsive device. This simple repair can have a positive effect as long as the material is not damaged. If you have not already done so, follow these steps to force your iPhone to start:

  • Press and release Volume Up button is fast.
  • Press and release Volume Down button is fast.
  • Finally, press Power / Side button until the Apple logo appears.

If it is a firmware crash, it may take up to 20 seconds or more for the Apple logo to appear up so you may have to press Power / side button a little longer than usual. If your phone managed to boot up and works fine after forced restart, try to eliminate possible causes with malicious applications and damaged content.

Check for any pending app updates to be made on your device. Application updates also provide repair patches to keep applications running stable and virus-free. Just follow these steps to check for and perform app app updates on your iPhone:

  • Open a grocery store from you Home screen.
  • Scroll down and tap the Updates tab. A list of applications with approximate updates will then appear up.
  • Tap the Update button next to the names of the apps, to update individual apps.
  • Or tap All Updates button at the top right of the screen to update multiple applications at once. This option appears only if multiple updates are available.

Charge your device and restart it

It is often forgotten but total battery drain may also be the main reason why phone is stuck on a black screen. With that said, try plugging your iPhone into a charger and then let it charge for at least 30 minutes. Make sure to use the original charger or the one that came with our device. Otherwise, use another charger that is compatible with your iPhone and let it charge.

If you do not see the charging arrow after plugging your iPhone into the charger, restart the charger while it is on phone connected to the charger. Just refer to the previous procedure to perform a forced reboot on your iPhone. This should fix the black screen problem if apps and malware are at fault.

Restore your iPhone via iTunes

If no previous instructions worked and your iPhone screen is still black, restoring iOS via iTunes can do trick. This process is considered among the advanced solutions that are used to rectify complex system errors caused by software bugs and malwares that cause your iPhone to get stuck on the black screen of death.

You will need to secure your Mac or Windows computer with the latest version of the iTunes application installed. Once the application is ready, connect your iPhone to the computer using the USB cable provided by Apple then allow iTunes. If you can, try to back it up up all important files from your iPhone to iTunes beforehand. After creating backups, you can then proceed and restart the iPhone in recovery mode. To get started, connect your iPhone to the computer. During your time phone connected, proceed to the following steps:

  • Press and release Volume Up button is fast.
  • Press and release Volume Down button is fast.
  • Press Power / Team button when you see Connect to iTunes screen. Do not release button when you see the Apple icon as you will need to enter recovery mode.
  • You should see the Restore or Update option on the next screen.
  • Select Update first to update it phone’s software to the latest version. If no software update is available, select the Restore option.

Repair a DFU

If your iPhone is still stuck on the black screen of death after performing recovery mode recovery, DFU recovery mode or firmware may be taken as a last resort. It is the deepest type of system restore done on an iPhone and is often used to deal with deadly system errors that cause your device to malfunction. Before performing this procedure, make sure that your device does not receive any physical damage or damage.

Performing a DFU position restores on the damaged body phones can result in a bricked or totally dysfunctional iPhone. If you want to proceed at your own discretion, you can refer to the following steps to restore DFU status on your iPhone:

  • Turn off all applications running on your computer to ensure that the DFU mode recovery process will not be interrupted.
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer using the Apple-equipped cable or USB generator.
  • During your time phone connected, press and hold Power / side button for about 3 seconds.
  • Keep pressure / side button, then press and hold Volume Down button for 10 seconds. If the Apple logo appears, it means that it has been held buttons too long and you will have to start all the time again.
  • If you do not see the icon, release Power / Part button but continue pressing Volume Down button for another 5 seconds.
  • If the screen stays black then, it means you have successfully entered DFU mode. This time, it will prompt you with an alert message on your computer that iTunes has detected your iPhone. Once you see that message, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the DFU mode recovery process.


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