Fix ‘Black Screen Problem On Google’ Issue

Fix ‘Black Screen Problem On Google’ Issue

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Guide: Fix ‘Black Screen Problem On Google’ Issue

If you are using Google Chrome and the UI is completely black, you have encountered one of the most irritating errors in Chrome – Google Chrome black screen problem. This problem has many causes, from malicious extensions to software errors examined. Fortunately, most users can fix a Chrome black screen problem by following some common troubleshooting steps. Even simple fixes, such as changing your browser window, can fix the problem temporarily. However, in order to solve this issue completely, you need to follow the steps below.

How to Solve Chrome black screen issue

A large number of solutions to the Chrome black screen case. These are finding a range where you can draw, and most are simple. If you encounter this virus, try the following solutions to solve this issue.

  • Disable Google Chrome extensions. Not all extensions are the same, and sometimes developers are slow to update their products. Worse yet, extensions will always fail. When there is a problem with Chrome, always activate the extensions first.
  • Remove your Chrome flags. Google Chrome flags are experimental features. That means these flags can be broken at any time. Delete any that may have been activated to see if you fix the issue.
  • Repair the browser window. You can resize the browser window by pressing the Back icon next to X in the upper right corner of the browser window. Then, press down on the edges of the window to resize as desired.
  • Run Chrome in compatibility mode. You can run Google Chrome in compatibility mode, but you must first create a shortcut if you do not have one for Google Chrome. This runs Chrome as if it were an application for an older version of Windows.
  • Pa hardware isare. When application optimization is on, most intensive tasks within the browser are handled by the GPU. This is free up Using the CPU so that other programs can work better. That puts a lot of pressure on the browser. So, if you experience a black screen, activate the hardware acceleration system in the Chrome browser.
  • Reset Chrome to your default settings. If you still experience black screen case, reset the Chrome browser to your default settings to make sure it is not a configuration issue.


Guide about Fix ‘Black Screen Problem On Google’ Issue

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