Fix ‘Gboard Not Work­ing’ Issue on Android

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Guide: Fix ‘Gboard Not Work­ing’ Issue on Android

Gboard is a Google keyboard application available for both iOS and Android based devices. It replaces your default keyboard and lets you access a lot of Google features directly from your new Gboard keyboard. In case you have been using this application for a while, you have found that Gboard does not deal with certain events.

Now and then the Gboard keyboard application can go out of nowhere, not the total load, and so on. In case you face any kind of issues with it, there are two things you can do to fix the case so that Gboard works properly.

How to correct Gboard error does not work

We may not be able to point out why Gboard stopped working on your device, but we can follow the correction below to make it work again. If the repair does not work for you, you can try another until the app starts working again.

Restart the device

This should always be your first choice when anything goes wrong with your Android. It worked some time and everyone knew how to reset their device. Just press down on your power button until a menu appears up and then click Restart or Reboot.

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Clear cache

Cache helps the application to speed up the purpose of saving the leftover data that the app regularly uses. It slows down your system because of the memory you get. Too many moments full of rough information that will not be needed in the future. Clearing the cache can help Gboard work better.

To clear the Cache

  • go to Settings
  • click on Apps
  • find Gboard and click on it
  • Select Storage
  • click Clear Cache.

Uninstall updates

The new update may break the app sometimes due to compatibility issues. Applications have been updated to include new ones features, patch issues, fix bugs, etc. but sometimes these updates can cause the application to stop working on your device. The wise thing to do in this case is to change the previous version.

To do so

  • go to Settings
  • click on Apps
  • find Gboard and click on it
  • tap on the 3-dot menu in the upper right corner
  • select uninstall updates.

Forced Stop or Uninstall

Sometimes a random effect can cause the app to behave badly, but sometimes you need to remove the application completely and install it again to make it work properly again. Try to stop the app first and if it does not work, reinstall the application.

To force the application to stop

  • go to Settings
  • Applications> Gboard
  • then click Force Stop. Click OK to confirm. See if the application is working properly after restarting.
  • If not, it’s time to dump the material. To do so, go to Apps> Gboard
  • Select Storage> Clear data> go back> tap on Uninstall> and click OK to confirm.
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Re-install and see if the application is working properly.

Activate Gboard

Since Android already has a keyboard, you will need to remove it as the default one and select Gboard. If this is the case,

  • go to Settings
  • Language & input
  • press the current Keyboard
  • Select Keyboard
  • remove all keyboards except Gboard.

This will remove the Gboard which indicates that it is now your default keyboard. Hopefully the above solution will definitely solve your problem with Gboard keyboard not working on Android and iOS.


Guide about Fix ‘Gboard Not Work­ing’ Issue on Android

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