Fix ‘Insta­gram Share to Face­book Not Working’ Issue

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Guide: Fix ‘Insta­gram Share to Face­book Not Working’ Issue

When Instagram is not shared to Facebook, what do you do? In this article, we have six steps you can use to fix the issue, remember logging in and out, clearing your device cache, installing the app, and more!

Social media platforms have evolved to become an integral part of our lives. We use our records for sharing stories, finding peers, creating links, and running businesses. To improve things, these platforms are constantly evolving features, according to social media accounts together.

For example, Instagram is a feature called affiliate advertising, in which posts can be posted on another platform, such as Facebook or Twitter. The idea is that as long as individuals send the same items regularly in different applications at any rate, the application summarizes the amount expected to do so, as long as the accounts are connected.

Instagram shares are not displayed Up on Facebook

When you share from Instagram, you see a testimonial that says, “Your post has been shared successfully,” and then appears on your Facebook page. Sometimes you see that message, but nothing appears on Facebook at all, and sometimes nothing happens at all, and you do not see the message.

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Either way, here are some ways to fix it. Try each process step by step until you solve the problem.

  • Check out then back again on both Instagram and Facebook. This simple solution always solves all kinds of problems with individual applications, but it can also solve issues with integration.
  • Check out the link between Facebook and Instagram. Open the Instagram application on your device and click the “profile icon” in the lower right.
  • Click the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) in the upper right corner.
  • From your profile, select “Settings”.
  • Click “Company Account.”
  • Then click on the “Accounts & Profiles” option.
  • Make sure your Facebook account appears in the list.
  • You can ask another to log in to Facebook and check the link from Facebook. When you first see Facebook in the Linked Accounts list, confirm that it appears blue with the icon next to it, along with your name associated with your account.
  • If you click on Facebook, you should be able to access Facebook from Instagram by tapping “Login.”
  • If the previous step does not work, repeat the link to make sure Facebook is properly authenticated and linked to your Instagram account.
  • Go to “Company Account.”
  • Tap on your Facebook account.
  • Click “Remove Account Center.” This will link or re-link your Facebook account with your Instagram account and let you share Instagram photos to Facebook.

Linking Instagram account to Facebook Pages

  • If you have linked Instagram to your Facebook account but find that you cannot post to your personal or business Facebook page, you need to make sure that you have given Instagram permission to post to your Page.
  • Give Instagram permission to post to your page. On it laptop or a desktop computer using a web browser, click “Settings” at the bottom left of your Facebook Page,
  • Click “Instagram” on the left side of “Page Settings.”
  • Click on “Connect Account.”
  • Finally, enter your username and password, then click “Login”.
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Clear the app cache or reinstall Facebook

If you still have trouble posting from Instagram to Facebook from it mobile device, clearing app cache in the final something to try. Clearing the cache app can solve problems that have nothing to do with Facebook or Instagram. In the case of iOS, you will have to re-install the application instead of just clearing the cache.

On Android, follow these instructions for Facebook and Instagram separately.

  • Click “Settings”.
  • Click “Applications”.
  • Click “Facebook” or “Instagram.”
  • Select “Save”.
  • Finally, click “Clear cache.”

On iOS (does not configure applications clearing the app cache for the application in question):

  • Click “Settings.”
  • Click “General.”
  • Select “iPhone Storage.”
  • Click “Facebook.”
  • Select “Off App”.
  • Re-install Facebook from the Store app.
  • Repeat the same process for Instagram to get a clean installation of both without the data.


Guide about Fix ‘Insta­gram Share to Face­book Not Working’ Issue

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