Fix ‘Not registered on network Android Error’ Issue

Fix ‘Not registered on network Android Error’ Issue

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Guide: Fix ‘Not registered on network Android Error’ Issue

Every day some users come across many strange bugs on their Android phones and one of the errors is “Not registered on the network”. This problem basically occurs on Samsung phones with this error message – Samsung Galaxy did not register on the network. But sometimes other Android users have this phone and SIM card problems too. If your Android phone also the SIM card is not registered, you will see a network error. This is a guide to what this error means and how to correct on it phone.

His phone stated that it is not registered on the network for various reasons. It is possible that the wireless service provider did not select in your settings, for example B. T-Mobile, AT&T, Airtel, vi etc. Or there is a problem with your SIM card that prevents it phone to register with your provider. If your phone the system is affected by the old software or software bugs, it means that your device does not register on the network. Also, some Samsung Galaxy users get the message after rooting the phone.

Fix Not Registered on Network Error

Manually Select Your User

Very much so phones automatically select the correct network provider. However, you are phone proceed on throwing the aforementioned error, you can try with a selective carrier and see if that works. You also need to be in the network area to make sure you receive cell signals.

  • Launch the Settings app head to Wi-Fi & network> SIM & network> [your SIM] > Network operators.
  • Delete Select automatically.
  • Manually enter the name of the occupant of the list.

Turn off All Network Connections

One way to force it phone to reconnect to your provider is to turn off all network connections on it phone and then turn these links back on. You can do this by tapping an option on your Android device, and this should not take more than a few seconds.

  • Swipe down from the top of your screen.
  • Tap the icon that says Flight mode to activate all network connections.
  • After about 30 seconds, click the same icon again to activate network connections.

Fix Samsung did not register on the Network due to System issues

Not registering on a network error can also lead to a damaged Android system. Since there is no complete smartphone operating system, Android system bugs can lead to many problems such as Android loop boot issue, Android Process Media stopped, black screen of death, and so on.

There are many complicated reasons why your Android system is broken, but it is not that important to figure it out. As long as you use DroidKit, which allows you to fix Android OS issues efficiently. For example, most network issues, Samsung black screen, app keeps crashing, stuck on Samsung logo, etc. All Samsung models are now supported. To fix Samsung phone mobile Network no:

  • Download and install DroidKit on your computer> Connect your Android phone to the computer via a USB cable> Click Fix System Issues to start the process.
  • There are some notes you should know. Read them closely and tap Start button to start the process.
  • Allow DroidKit to match the PDA code of your Android device> When finished, click Download Now to get the firmware package for repair.
  • Put your device into Recovery Mode and DroidKit will start the repair process immediately. Wait for a while, you will get the Fixed Plan successfully.

Use a different SIM card

Next time, phone said not registered on the network is due phone does not read your SIM card. Then rotate the options on it phone will not resolve the issue if your SIM card is damaged. If your SIM card is damaged or there are other issues with it, you need to investigate these issues first. One way to verify this is to use another SIM card with you phone.

  • Extract the SIM card and remove your current SIM card.
  • Insert another active SIM card into the tray and insert the tray back into it phone.
  • If your phone receive signals, your SIM card contains a text and you need to replace it.

Update Your APN Settings

While APN programs have little to do with its purpose phone does not register on the network, you can edit and adjust these APN settings and these can fix your case. If you do not already know your APN settings, call your provider from another phone to find them out.

  • Open Settings and browse to Wi-Fi & network> SIM & network> [your SIM] > Login field names.
  • Tap your APN in the list and make sure it is complete. Edit the APN if needed.

Update It Phone’s Software

Your Android phone must run the latest software version to ensure the phone free as many bugs as possible. If you are not sure what type of feature phone running or not updating it phone in the long run, it is time to do so. Updating your Android phone is free and can be done without a computer.

  • Log in to the Settings application and click System below.
  • Select system updates and install the installed Android updates.

Reboot to Safe Mode

When using safe mode, your Android device only uploads important files to boot up them phone. This ensures any problematic apps or tools will not load when you turn it on phone. If these applications or tools cause the issue, reboot it phone into a safe situation should help you to determine if this is the case.

  • Press Power button for a few minutes.
  • Tap and hold the Power off option.
  • Hit OK to restart in safe mode on your device.


Guide about Fix ‘Not registered on network Android Error’ Issue

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