Fix ‘Windows 10 Installation Stuck During update’ Issue

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Guide: Fix ‘Windows 10 Installation Stuck During update’ Issue

Windows updates always run silently in the background and are only installed when it is ready or when your PC is closed. However, there are situations in which the update system needs help. If your Windows update fails, you are not alone. This slowdown has been a common problem for operating systems since Microsoft has stopped its quality assurance team and relied on users for review reviews, results, and more.

Maybe your Windows 10 download half the update before making a decision does not want to be connected to the server. In other cases, the operating system may want to do its own thing for a while, slowing down the long-awaited update to a crawl. Apart from these two situations, the operating system may encounter installation error or data problem that will stop in its path.

How to fix frozen Windows updates

  • Make sure the updates are real.
  • Turn it off and on again.
  • Check out the Windows Update Utility.
  • Microsoft troubleshooting program.
  • Launch Windows in Safe Mode.
  • Back in time with System Restore.
  • Clear your Windows update cache manually.
  • Launch a virus scanner.
  • Full Windows repair.

Make sure the updates are real

We’ll cover a lot here about different versions of Windows and many “stuck” scenarios, so you may need to tweak some of these steps to suit your location and software. The main point is that touching updates that do not really grasp can cause many problems. So you should make sure that they become real.

If you have the time and patience, we recommend waiting a few hours, especially on slow machines – go cut grass or watch a movie. It may seem weird, but you do not want to mess with these basic principles unless you have to.

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Turn it off and on again

Do you know why “Do you try to turn it on and off again” is such a cliché for IT support? Because it always works. There is no magic trick for doing this – just delete the temporary storage of your computer (including any blocked files or processes) and let Windows restart everything on the system from the start.

If your updates get stuck in the background while you still have access to Windows, you can restart as usual. If they freeze before or after loading the operating system, you will need to lower the capacity button and do a hard reset. This can cause problems yourself so make sure your updates are not going too far.

Check out the Windows Update Utility

In Windows 10, you can find the Windows Update page by downloading the Settings application from the Start menu and clicking Update & Security – if something goes wrong and Windows knows what it is, details should be here. Sometimes you just get a message asking you to try updating again another time.

Clicking Advanced Options and then clicking View Update History will allow you to view the installed updates successfully and uninstall some or all of them – this can also be a manual troubleshooting option. Windows 10 performs an exact update process so you should see some errors.

Microsoft troubleshooting program

Microsoft may feel the pain: You know that the update process can lead to problems all the time and then, which is why you have developed a troubleshooting program especially for this purpose – search for “Troubleshooting” in the old control panel and then select “Problems. with Windows. “Update Update” from the on-screen menu.

The link should still be available in Windows 7 and 8, but if not, you can get it on the web too. That said, if you have not updated to the latest and greatest operating system from Microsoft, you may still be wondering how to solve your update problems at the same time.

Launch Windows in Safe Mode

Safe Mode seems to restart with plugins – only the very basic applications and code that Windows needs to run are stored in memory, so space is even smaller than that of a rogue, corrupted file that prevents the update. In Windows 10, hold down the Shift key then select Power and Restart from the Windows login screen.

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On the next screen you will see Troubleshooting, Advanced Options, Startup and Restart, and you should see the Safe Mode option: try running through the update process once again if you can. A quick search on the Internet will give you Safe Mode guidelines for older versions of Windows.

Back in time with System Restore

System Recovery has been helping to fix Windows problems for many years now, but it happens to be well hidden in Windows 10. Go to Control Panel, Settings, System Protection and then click System Recovery. Go through the wizard, then select ‘Show more recovery points’ to see all available options.

Take a time and a day, then complete the setup to return to how Windows was configured at that point (and hopefully solve your update issues at the same time). The process does not apply to personal files or programs, but it may not be available to you depending on how Windows was originally configured. up.

Clear your Windows update file cache yourself, part 1

If the Windows physical troubleshooting does not work (see step 4), you can try performing the same procedure manually: pause the Windows update function, delete the temporary files you created, and then restart the Windows Update. It is a little more, but not difficult to do.

First start in Safe Mode (see Step 5) then log in to Command Prompt, the most basic Windows view: right-click on the Start menu, select Command Prompt (Admin) and the text box should appear. Click “net stop bits” and press Enter next to “net stop bits” and press Enter again.

Clear your Windows update cache yourself, part 2

Back to Windows, navigate to the C: Windows SoftwareDistribution folder and delete anything you may find in it. You won’t break anything by doing this – these are temporary files created by Windows so you know where they are, and Windows Update creates them from scratch.

After that, go back to your Command Prompt window and click “net start wuauserv” (Press) and then “startup startup” (Press) to get Windows Update and related background services up and running again. this hope trick should be enough to start an already existing update.

Launch a virus scanner

One of the more obscure reasons why Windows updates may not be installed is because of a virus or some kind of spyware blocking it: malicious applications such as these can often be caused by Windows security updates, which is why they try and stop new patches. to install on your device.

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Try to run a full and complete scan using any security software you have installed (you just installed, right?). If you think your antivirus software is also compromised you may download some on-demand reviewers, such as this one from Microsoft or this one from Dr.

Full Windows repair

Restore important Windows files and operating system options much easier than before, and Windows 10 “hard reset” basically means restoring all your system files to factory location without touching files personal (although you can choose to delete) yours Length Complete if desired).

You can find the option via the Recovery tab on the Update & Security page in the Settings application – note that third-party applications will also be removed, so they will have to be reinstalled. Windows 8 offers both “cool” and “reset” options, while in Windows 7 the reset option is always provided by the PC manufacturer.


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