Fix ‘Windows Laptop Touchpad Not Working’ Issue

Fix ‘Windows Laptop Touchpad Not Working’ Issue

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Guide: Fix ‘Windows Laptop Touchpad Not Working’ Issue

The touch pad is old feature too late to replace the “arrow stick” (or as I prefer to call the “breast”) as an alternative to the mouse control on laptop. However, if your touch pad stops working while out and about or in any other situation where you do not have a spare mouse in hand, you may be confused. Do not start training yourself to use Windows with just one keypad yet. This is our collection of tips for fixing a faulty touchpad (starting with the simplest).

It is easy to panic when your laptop touchpad has stopped working. When you can’t move your mouse pointer, it’s hard to do much on your computer. But no worries. If your laptop The mouse touchpad does not work then the solution is very simple. We will walk you through the general troubleshooting steps to fix an inactive music pad. Many of these tips applies to Windows, but those on Mac can use some of them effectively.

Fix Windows Touchpad issues

Touch issues can either come from applications or drivers running in Windows. Once you trace what it is, solve the problem directly. These steps can help you minimize the cause and activate your touch key.

  • Make sure the music pad is connected properly. If you use a touch key connected via USB, check that both ends of the connector are fully charged.
    • If the touchpad is part of the keyboard, as with the Type Cover on the Pro Surface and Document Surface, make sure the keyboard is completely connected to the tablet without any foreign objects blocking the links.
    • If the touchpad and keyboard are built into your system, skip to Step 5. If the following steps do not solve your problem, you may have a hardware issue and need to update your device to a computer repair shop.
  • Remove and reassemble the touch pad. Removing and reconnecting the touch pad can fix connection issues. If you use the Type Cover on the Copy device, disconnect and reconnect the Type Cover.
  • Check the touchpad’s battery. If the touch key is connected to a Windows 10 device using Bluetooth that works properly, your batteries may not be fully charged. Replace old batteries with new ones to see if this fixes the problems you experienced.
  • Turn on Bluetooth. If your Bluetooth touch key is on but not connected to your Windows 10 computer, see if Bluetooth is disabled. You can check this by opening the Service Center and viewing the Bluetooth tile. If you turn up, it worked. If it is dim, it is turned off. Turn on Bluetooth by pressing the tile.
  • Restart the Windows 10 operating system. Restart Windows 10 computers, laptop, or tablet can always fix problems, with the touch button not working properly. To restart Windows 10, open Menu, select Power, and select Restart.
  • Activate Touchpad in Settings. The touch pad may have been disabled in Windows 10 itself, another user, or an application. This varies by device, but in general, to check if the touch is disabled in Windows 10 and turn it back on, open Settings, select Devices> Touchpad, and make sure the switch is set to On.
  • Check for a Windows 10 update. A Windows 10 update adds a new version of operating system and drivers for your devices, in addition to firmware updates needed to help touch and other devices work normally.
  • Update device drivers. Sometimes you need to update a device driver to make it more compatible with hardware and operating system.
  • Install the drivers manually. If you use Windows 10 third-party laptop or a computer like the one made by Acer, HP, Lenovo, or Dell, you may need to manually install the latest drivers to get the touch key to work normally with the latest version of Windows 10. Like Dell, many companies work in a page on them. official website where you can download and install drivers.


Guide about Fix ‘Windows Laptop Touchpad Not Working’ Issue

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