Google Adsense Banned -You Have To Avoid

Google Adsense Banned -You Have To Avoid

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Guide: Google Adsense Banned -You Have To Avoid

For those who are starting their blog or when they have it, they may have thought or are considering advertising as a method to monetize their visitors.

Google Adsense is the option most used by most bloggers it is simple to use and implement on your website or blog, free, a number of the ads you receive are from the large google network and have many statistics and reports to optimize to the fullest of your website.

However, one of the many problems that many start every time you start Google Adsense is their ignorance of the rules or suggestions to follow to need to optimize the RPM or income per thousand impressions (definition), maximize our income and especially Google Adsense us prevents closing our account.

Google Adsense banned

The first thing we have to know, and in no case break, are the actions that Google Adsense prohibited and will result in the closure of your account. They are all related to invalid clicks and impressions.

  • Never click on your own ads (in case you are thinking about what is being promoted, use a search engine or enter the advertiser’s website, do not use the banner), Google Adsense takes the difficulty of the fake clicks. You cannot use methods to artificially increase the number of impressions or clicks.
  • Do not ask your users what they click on your ads, or put areas that may mislead, confuse with the content of the web or that are placed for inadvertent clicks. Avoid phrases like support us, click ad or visit these Links.
  • Do not use content prohibited by Google on your website, that looks like adult content, piracy or violence. These are simply some of the topics prohibited by Google Adsense. If you want to know all the issues that are prohibited, you can do so at the following link. This regulation also applies to counterfeit products or any material protected by copyright.
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What to avoid Google Adsense

Here you will see a series of “common practices” that happen in various media for the placement of advertising banners, which Google Adsense asks us to avoid and in case of failure we will be penalized with a lower RPM, making our advertising have a much lower performance than it should.

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  • Experiment with the format and placement of your ad units to decide which is the best features such as your web design or your readers, however avoiding at all times the use of pop-ups (pop), placement on pages without content, pages created only to display ads
  • Do not put more than 5 advertising areas on your website or blog. Google Adsense penalizes RPM if it improves the number of ads or banners by more than 5. User experience should come first every time they enter Google Adsense advertising. intelligently distribute the areas so that they get a great view, not intrusive and this can do
  • your visitors or users to have a better display of advertising. Do not forget that banners are made for clicks, so they are the best placed CRTs (click-through rate or percentage of additional clicks with respect to impressions) and it will end in a greater promotion efficiency that can increase the RPM and therefore your income.
  • Do not send emails or email marketing with Google Adsense ads. If you have a large database or regularly send large emails, I can see that you are tempted to engage in such practices to expand the variety of impressions, however Google does not enable it, so do not use it even for display.
  • Nothing to change or edit the code that Google Adsense gives you. When you have computer skills, even if they are not advanced, you will have to play and modify various tools, codes and different plugins to try to optimize our website, do it sooner or simply adapt to our tastes or needs. Google Adsense allows some small changes (you can check them right here), but when your skills are not advanced, it is better to avoid any code modification that Google gives you time to configure your ad units.
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Remember that advertising is used to sell, so the higher you put on your web space, the more efficient they will be for advertisers, so you will pay more for these spaces and your profits will increase.

And if that guides the user experience and advertising, able to optimize your space and prevent it from increasing like crazy without taking into account your advertising inventory.

Then you have an Adsense Policy seminar (57 minute video) available in case you want to delve into the subject.



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