Google Drive vs Google Photos: Comparison and Review

Google Drive vs Google Photos: Comparison and Review

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Guide: Google Drive vs Google Photos: Comparison and Review

Google offers two different tools that you can use to upload and share photos: Google Drive and Google Photos. That sounds like a lot — at least, it did to me. But after getting into it, it turns out that these services are very different.

Google Photos And Google Drive Before Sharing

What is the noise about the people who are confused with Google Drive and Google Photos? If you are new to the Google ecosystem & you will not know because Google Drive and Google Photos are two separate services for you. Before sharing & although & Google Photos live in Google Drive. Google Photos serves as a filter for photos that live in Google Drive. Any photos in Google Drive & anywhere in any folder & can be found in Google Photos.

The tool used by people to get Google Drive on their computers & Backup and Sync & will also bring the Google Photos folder to their computer. If the media is deleted from the Google Photos folder & will be deleted from Google Drive completely. If a photo is deleted from a folder in Google Drive & Google Photos it will stop displaying that. Imagine & Google Photos is a great filter for viewing your photos in Google Drive.

And that is why people are confused and compare Google Photos vs Google Drive to find out what works for them now because even if people put their photos in Google Photos & they actually post them in Google Drive . If they put them in Google Drive & they come to see in Google Photos because Google Photos is nothing more than a filter view & grouping and displaying all your photos on your Google Drive.

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a Google cloud storage that integrates with all Google services & used by all Google services & you can also access your own interface for ease and control.

If you use Gmail & email and the media contained in it receive up place. Remember how Gmail shot to fame with a 5 GB inbox that ballooned later and offered 15 GB? When Google Drive launched in 2012 & Google integrated its Gmail inbox with Google Drive & now it has 15 GB of storage space shared by all Google services. Your email & files & folders & photos & and everything is stored in Google Drive – Google cloud storage. Save for some risky file formats & and you can save all file formats in Google Drive – this is a simple online storage disc for your data and the data you have with Google.

What are Google Photos?

Google Photos is Google’s digital asset management (DAM) tool for your photos and media. It will not identify any file format other than an image format or a video format.

While Google Drive works with files and folders and all file formats & Photos Google works with albums & either create user or smart albums. Google Photos is an amazing technology developer to enable unmatched search and AI analysis features making Google Photos accessible to users around the world. The technology enables the automatic creation of albums based on content & and users can create animated videos from similar photos. Photos can be shared with anyone & can be viewed without the need to download Google Photos.

Google vs Google Drive Photos: New Hullabaloo

Now that you know the difference between Google Photos vs Google Drive let us understand the new noise you may have come across. Google is sending an email to users. Internet forums are rife with frustrated users complaining about the new Google solution and wondering what to choose between Google Drive vs Google Photos. Some even see this as a reason to jump off the boat and leave the Google altar altogether & look for other great Google Photos in 2021 (please add a link to something new here and let this quote be link).

Google Photos backs up photos transfers to Google Drive in three upload sizes – Express & High Quality & and Original Quality. Express and High Quality levels used to not count towards the 15 GB storage that Google offers for free. Google decided in November 2020 that this needs to change & and start June 1 & 2021 & all new photos in Google Photos will count to 15 GB free storage & regardless of resolution.

Google says those already in the library will continue as they are without counting to 15 GB. But & that means your photos are now on a clock. 15 GB shared with email & Google Drive & and Google Photos. Depending on the amount or amount of free space your Google Drive currently has & this may be a cause for concern for you.

Google Drive vs Google Photos: Which To Use?

If Everything You Want Is A Place To Hide

Today & it doesn’t matter where you store your photos in Google Drive or Google Photos when you arrive at the repository because the new photos will be counted in the next archive in May 2021. Depending on how happy you are made and decided on photos taken & can years past without finding near 15 GB limit or not working in a long week.

If you like Gallery Features

If you want a tool designed for photos and videos & give you advancement features such as face recognition & sound recognition & auto category & automatic album creation & and image search using keywords & you want to use Google Photos.

How to Transfer Photos From Google Drive to Google Photos

  • Before uploading photos from Google Drive to Google Photos & go into the Google Photos settings (gear icon) and select the quality you want – Original Quality or High Quality. If you want to save into a third party program called Express & you will have to use an Android smartphone. That storage option is not available on the web. Using that option is not recommended & although & as long as you zoom your images down to at least 3 megapixels by modern standards.
  • Now you have saved the photos in Google Drive and you want to experience Google Photos. features& Here it is how to transfer photos from Google Drive to Google Photos. The best way to transfer photos from Google Drive to Google Photos is to use Google Photos since it provides the option to import photos from Google Drive (Google calls the feature Download from Google Drive).
  • Go to on your computer and log in to your Google Account. At the top right next to the gear icon you will see an option to pop up. Click and select Transfer from Google Drive. You cannot import folders into Google Photos. You will have to open and select photos between them. You can press CTRL + A to select all photos in the interface at once. Do this after opening a folder to select photos within that folder. Click Upload & and your photos will be imported into Google Photos.
  • This application copies your images from Google Drive to Google Photos. This means that photos are being taken up space in both Google Drive and Google Photos. This means that this operation can only be done if you have more than half of your storage space remaining.
  • If you listen to the wise tip& is already set up Google Photos to store photos in High Quality & that means before May 2021 & you can copy your photos from Google Drive to Google Photos in High Quality without affecting your storage end.

How To Transfer Photos From Google Photos to Google Drive

  • Google wants you to store your photos in Google forever & as such & does not make taking photos in Google Photos easy. Google Photos has no export option that you can use to export your photos from Google Photos to any other service you want quickly and easily.
  • As it turns out & thanks to GDPR rules if you want to transfer photos from Google Photos to Google Drive & there is another option you can use. That option even allows you to transfer your photos (or all of your Google data) from Google to any other service & also create a ZIP on Google Drive so you can extract it manually.
  • That option is called Google Takeout. Google Takeout is another service that you can use to get your photos off Google Drive easily. You can configure it to create a ZIP of your photos from Google Photos and store it in Google Drive & you can even configure it to copy that ZIP into services such as Dropbox & Box & and Microsoft OneDrive.

Here is a step-by-step guide how to use Google Takeout to transfer photos from Google Photos to Google Drive.

  • Launch Google Takeout ( and log in with your Google account.
  • Click Select All since you only want to select Google Photos manually.
  • Scroll down to find Google Photos and select the box next to it. You can also click “all available photo albums” which is the default option & to specify what to include and remove.
  • Scroll down to the end and select Next Step. In the next option & click Delivery Method and select Add to Drive.
  • Leave the rest options unchanged & although you may want to change the file size to 10 GB before it expires up including many ZIP files.
  • Click Create Export & when everything is done & you will have the ZIP file ready in your Google Drive.


Guide about Google Drive vs Google Photos: Comparison and Review

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Google Drive vs Google Photos: Comparison and Review
Google Drive vs Google Photos: Comparison and Review
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