Guide: Add Music in iMovie

Guide: Add Music in iMovie

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Guide: Guide: Add Music in iMovie

If you think you are a compelling content creator, you know how relevant content can be to set the mood in your videos. Individuals who need to make video faster always use iMovie since it is a free power editing tool for Mac users.

Whenever you have mastered the basics of iMovie, you will be ready to take your performance to a higher level by adding your own sound. While iMovie has some background jingles and links to your iTunes library, for the novel, the best free tones you will have to look elsewhere – like our music library.

How to add music in iMovie

  • Click Music and Sound Effects button, located on the right side of the toolbar, or select Window → Music and Sound Effects. At the bottom right of the screen, the Music and Sound effects browser will appear.
  • Enter your music source or sound effects. It has many options: music in your iTunes library, music recorded in GarageBand, and dozens of Canned Effects, including noise people, crickets, thunder and rain, and a printer an electrician. Double-click an item file to hear a preview.
  • Drag music or sound effects files to the project background. A green background appears at the beginning of the first clip and is available for short play or video duration.
  • If you want to cut a music clip, select Edit → Trim Music. To select a location where the video starts and ends, drag the selection key. The video works in the viewer to help you decide which site to choose. Click Play to preview the activity.
  • When finished, click Done. To remove background music, select the song by clicking behind the video clips, then click Delete.


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