Guide: Add Trackers to uTorrent

Guide: Add Trackers to uTorrent

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on Guide: Add Trackers to uTorrent. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: Guide: Add Trackers to uTorrent

If you load multiple files, you may have heard of streaming trackers. If not, you already have it guides on how to increase the charging speed then you may have mentioned the flow trackers. Here in this article is a list of high quality and top flow trackers that will help you increase your recording speed by at least 3x. If you are new to traditional streaming trackers, you are sure to see a big difference in recording speed.

Torrent trackers are used to find peers and connect directly to each other so peer-to-peer streaming can occur. Stream tracker list is useful for this case as it allows you to add a list to hard client software and increase uTorrent download speed due to the more trackers you have, the more direct links and the faster the speed. If you would like to have a list of streamlined trackers, go ahead and follow our stream trackers guide. As you already know, the Torrent Extra is closed soon, so you may need other drainage points. This is a little more public and private trackers sites.


Initially, I think the way to add multiple URLs is by clicking Add button. Apparently I was wrong, like the right ones button is Edit. It is found under the download stream> Properties> Trackers> Edit.

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Ubuntu’s latest LTS version is currently 18.04 and the first site release 18.04.1 has been released well. This means the original Ubuntu tracker will not serve you if you insist on downloading 18.04 instead. It will not give you peers (“seeds”). As a result, you may find that you may not be able to download at all or at any rate. See comparison below.

  • For 18.04, the tracker gave an error (against IPv6 tracker):
  • For 18.04.1 (note point one), the tracker gives real peers:
  • This comparison shows that some streams may have trackers that do not work regardless of the file (s) actually being recorded. If the trackers do not work, then you can get any peers (“seeds”), so you can not record.

Therefore, how to get more seeds? By hiring other trackers, of course. If you can get a lot of trackers, good life you will get a lot more seeds, and that way you will get great speed.

  • Now download the streaming file of Ubuntu 18.04
  • Then open with Transfer.
  • Lets download it first.
  • Now right-click the download stream> Properties> Trackers> Edit.
  • Go to the list of streaming trackers such as, for example, see link above. Combine URL addresses as much as possible from there.
  • Paste the URLs on the Edit Trackers on the Transfer. (Copy the URLs from the browser (left) and paste them on Transfer (right)).
  • Right-click on Stream> Ask Tracker for More Partners> done!


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