Guide: Brighten Photos using Snapseed

Guide: Brighten Photos using Snapseed

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Guide: Guide: Brighten Photos using Snapseed

Any picture taken with your smartphone can be processed. Smartphone cameras incorporate multiple post-processing into any image and store important information. Fortunately, you can extract these details with Snapseed for Android and iOS. Snapseed means you do not need Lightroom or Photoshop to get the job done. Instead, you can use this free tool to enhance photos, edit cases, and improve the overall look of the images.

Snapseed is a free photo editing application for Android and iOS. In fact, it is one of the best photo editing tools for iPhone and Android. Snapseed was acquired by Google a few years ago and has only improved since then. The Snapseed user interface may be a little scary at first. But spend a few minutes with the application and you will soon be able to control the user interface based on controls. The application has a simple system. Open the photo first, then tap Tools button to find more than a dozen different editing tools.

How To Light Eyes In Snapseed

Here we provide you in full guide of how to brighten your eyes in a snapseed application.

  • First, just open the image from it phone gallery on snapseed application.
  • Then click the Tool icon and now select the healing tool to remove the pimples from your face.
  • Next, tap that Tik button and save the image.
  • Now choose the Selecting material and swipe your hand to your image for increasing its brightness, contrast, and satisfaction.
  • Then select the Tune image application to adjust the brightness.
  • Tap the center corner of the upper right corner button.
  • Select visual adjustments and select brush application.
  • Brush your face, Now your face will be very bright.
  • Then save your photos and share them on your social media account.

How To Glow Eyes In Snapseed

  • In the Snapseed application open your image from it phone gallery.
  • Then click on tools button.
  • Now it will give you more editing tools. From there choose Glamor glossy tools.
  • Using glossy gloss is very easy to adjust your gloss and shine. Once you select this option it will see your face in the picture and use the light automatically.
  • Now your face will be very shiny and will look very beautiful.
  • It’s time to save the edited image and share your social media and get more favorites.


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