Guide: Convert Feet to Inches in Excel

Guide: Convert Feet to Inches in Excel

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on Guide: Convert Feet to Inches in Excel. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: Guide: Convert Feet to Inches in Excel

Do you need to convert feet to inches in Excel, feet to miles, feet to meters, feet to centimeters, or vice versa in Excel, then how can you quickly switch between these measurements? This article has some tricks that can quickly convert scales between feet to inches, feet to miles, and feet to meters in Excel.

Hand process

The first way we will show you is to make the change manually. You can turn the foot into inches using a simple calculator. One foot is equal to 12 inches. Therefore, you need to multiply the number of feet by 12 to get the same amount in inches. Suppose that the cell C2 has a number of feet in it. Use the formula below to find the inch-size.

In the same way, you can turn the foot into inches. As you can see in the example above, dividing an inch by 12 returns the value in feet. Assuming that the C5 cell is the size of an inch, the conversion formula would be something like,

Using the CONVERT function

Another way to turn the foot into inches is by using the CONVERT function. The CONVERT function can change a number from one measurement system to another. The best part is that the work is not limited to lengths only. It can change weight, distance, temperature and more degrees between each other.

In short, you need to provide both value and type measurements into the project. Excel allows string abbreviations of such measurements. In this example you can use,

  • Feet: “ft”
  • Inch: “ni

As a result, to change the value in cell B5, you can use the formula as follows:

= Change (B5, “ft”, “in”)

To change the opposite, simply change the measurement arguments. The procedure that follows changes the value from inches to feet.

Another dynamic method

You can set cell references for single arguments. This application allows you to manage from and to single types. The CONVERT and VLOOKUP functions are combined to create a master formula that allows dimensions to be changed from a list or any other type of input. With the help of the VLOOKUP service, usernames can be used for single type codes. For example, “feet” for “ft” and “inches” for “in”.

The VLOOKUP function identifies a matching type for the CONVERT function. Here is what the formula would look like:

= Modification (B11, VLOOKUP (B12, End.Table, 2.0), VLOOKUP (D12, End.Table, 2.0))

Cells B12 and D12 have a drop-down list that has the same length of measurements as the “Foot” and “Inch” strings. The VLOOKUP service locates them in the space provided by Length.Table and returns the corresponding value.


Guide about Guide: Convert Feet to Inches in Excel

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Guide: Convert Feet to Inches in Excel
Guide: Convert Feet to Inches in Excel

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