Guide: Delete Insta­gram Account

Guide: Delete Insta­gram Account

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Guide: Guide: Delete Insta­gram Account

Possibly it’s the pandemic doomscrolling, the disrupting disclosures about how toxic Instagram is for young girls or you are simply needing more opportunity for IRL minutes with your loved ones and less time oversharing your life online.

Whatever the explanation, in case you are done with Instagram, you have two choices. Make a permanent break (delete your Instagram account forever with no give backs) or have some time off (deactivate your Instagram account with the expectation of coming back later like Britney Spears). Before you delete or disable your account, download your data. You can demand your information on a versatile program, desktop or in the application. (Guidelines beneath).

In case you are prepared to delete or deactivate your Instagram application, fire up a web program on your desktop or phone. You can’t erase or deactivate your Instagram account on the application. Then, at that point, follow this step-by-step guide.

In case Instagram is feeling like a regrettable hindrance, you might be thinking about disposing of your account. Adhere to the guidelines underneath to briefly impair or forever erase Instagram. In case you’re hoping to do a total web-based media detox, you can see our directions for deleting TikTok and Snapchat here also. Remember that once you erase your account, this activity can’t be scattered. All your photographs and account history, including followers, likes and comments, will be forever taken out and you will not have the option to join utilizing the equivalent username in the event that you at any point make another account.

How to delete your Instagram account forever

  • Before deleting your Instagram account, you should carefully consider if you really want to do that. You cannot reactivate your account and you’ll lose all your content, followers, comments and likes forever.
  • If there’s a chance you might want to restore everything later, consider deactivating your account instead of deleting it.

Time needed: 4 minutes.

You can´t delete an Instagram account by using the app on your smartphone. You have to use a browser on your computer or smartphone.

  • Log into Instagram

    Log into Instagram using a (mobile) browser.

  • You need to know the delete Instagram account Link

    There is a page called “Delete Your Account”, but you won´t find it by clicking around. You must know the exact link. Click on or type the following URL:

  • Choose an option

    Choose an option to answer the question of why you want to delete your account

  • Click the red button

    After you´ve chosen an answer, a red button will appear:”Permanently delete my account”.

  • Re-enter your password.

    Re-enter your password. Then click or tap on the red button permanently delete your account.

  • Your profile and your information will be deleted.

    Your profile and your information will be permanently deleted 30 days after your deletion request. It can take up to 90 days to delete all your content, but it won’t be visible to other users during this time.

How to temporarily deactivate your Instagram account

Take a break from Instagram without losing all your followers and posts: instead of deleting your account, you can just disable it for a certain period of time. This is, once again, an option that you can only use in a browser.

  • Log into Instagram in a browser on your computer or smartphone.
  • Open your profile and then click or tap “Edit profile”.
  • Scroll down. On the bottom right click “Temporarily disable my account”.
  • You’ll have to choose an answer to let Instagram know why you want to disable your account.
  • After choosing an answer, you’ll see the option to deactivate your account.
  • Re-enter your password. And then click or tap “Temporarily Disable Account


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