Guide: Download Torrents Fast With IDM

Guide: Download Torrents Fast With IDM

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on Guide: Download Torrents Fast With IDM. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: Guide: Download Torrents Fast With IDM

So you are in college or in a company where you work behind a proxy server. Companies and colleges have imposed many restrictions on multiple websites and you will not be able to download streaming files. I had the same problem when I entered my college. In my first year I used these pages. I used to load almost everything my stuff easily because it was easy to find and fast to record. I use Tor now, but sometimes I also use these sites.

Floods are very important in themselves. There are a number of easy things to download from torrent like games, videos, apps, movies, etc. Sometimes, as mentioned earlier, you may face speed issues. This usually happens when you try to record a stream that has been published a long time ago. And in many cases this means that there are few seed exercises.

Download Fast Torrents With IDM


Boxopus is another online tool that helps you to download streaming files with IDM easily. Using this site you can directly download any streaming files directly to your inbox or else you can download them to your hard disk using IDM.

As in the field mentioned above, the process is the same; you should download the stream file and it will create the cache automatically and you are ready to go. It saves the streaming file into the cache, so you can download them later even without the original streaming file.


It is a premium application and does not allow users. The main thing is the site looks flat and comfortable. It is designed by following all the latest trends. However, in order to test the tool, you have to spend $ 0.99 per day. Later you can upgrade the machine to get 100 GB to 10 TB storage starting at $ 9.99 per month.

File streaming

This tool is completely free and there is no need to penny a penny from your pocket. Just register with your email address and get ready to download streaming files with IDM. All you have to do is download the streaming file and wait until it saves the file and start downloading.


Torrenthandler is useful for recording bit stream files using IDM. It is completely free and one of the best alternatives for PUT.IO. There are no records and bandwidth limits.

Same as other sites, you have to upload a streaming file and you should wait until it analyzes it. Once done, you can download it directly to your computer. In the end, he crossed his fingers successfully how to record streaming files with IDM. This is the most common method to record streaming files using Internet recording software.


Zbigz offers both premium and free service and is used worldwide to download streaming files with IDM. Free users are limited to download up to 1 GB (it was 8 GB previously) at a time while there was no download limit for premium users. If you want to download a streaming file of more than 8 GB, then it will not work for free users, you must pay $ 10 per month to subscribe as a premium user and to avoid all limitations.

First, make sure you save the streaming file you want to record. Now, open up your web browser and browse to Now, the next task for you to do is to upload the streaming file to the web server. Fear not, the simple process and it will eat you up in a few minutes.

You can upload the stream file, by first clicking “Upload Torrent File”, then selecting your stream and then clicking on button titled “Go”. After you proceed, you will be asked to choose between being a free user, or a premium user. And of course, premium users will have more options. If you are not interested in being a premium user, choose to be a free user.

After entering as a free user, the caching process will begin. And after the caching process is complete, it is good to back up the streaming file. Click on the zip file, or the download button to start the recording process using the Internet Recording Manager with more speed than normal.


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