Guide: Downloading Torrent on Chromebook

Guide: Downloading Torrent on Chromebook

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Guide: Guide: Downloading Torrent on Chromebook

You read that right, starting with Chromebooks introduced in 2017 or later, it is now possible to run Android applications on Chrome OS devices, including most, if not all, modern Chromebooks made in the last 2 years or so. You can check out the full list of Chromebooks that support the installation and running of Android applications. Today we present one of the most requested applications.

This is a big step forward and will allow even more people to actually use Chromebooks. Like I said before, most new Chromebooks can run Android now mobile apps, which is lucky on Chrome pages and making what is perhaps the most popular BitTorrent client of the last decade, consistency and uTorrent reliability. I use uTorrent every week on my Windows 10 PC and Linux laptop so it only makes sense for me to try on my ChromeOS devices.

Chromebook Torrent Apps

The four most popular streaming clients for ChromeOS are,, JSTorrent, or Bitford. The latter two, JSTorrent and Bitford, are Chrome extensions built into Java scripts, meaning they work completely on your computer and do not communicate with a server. The best program for recording streams on a Chromebook is probably JSTorrent.

BitTorrent client applications are not the only way to record streams with a Chromebook, because cloud-based services make streaming possible without installing any software on it. The way most of these sites work is by facilitating streaming downloads on their servers, as opposed to downloading files directly locally with applications such as Bitford and JS Torrent.

Download Torrent Program for Chromebook

The best streaming program for Chromebook is JSTorrent. JSTorrent is not free, but it is the original and arguably the best BitTorrent client available throughout the Chrome Web Store. JSTorrent is a Chrome extension that actually runs on a Chromebook and not through a web server. JSTorrent has by far been a leader in the Chrome OS BitTorrent game.

Others, meanwhile, will be a much larger cloud source. Instead of downloading the streams locally, you will add them to an online account which will stream the transfers you are interested in and then stream easily / make a complete download directly from that service. There are many of these services available, but the two that are on my radar right now include:

  • Streamlined stream

How to Download Torrents on a Chromebook

Using JSTorrent to record a stream on a Chromebook is easy. Once you find the link to the stream you want to record, just open JSTorrent and paste into the search tool. Alternatively, you can download the streaming file directly to your device and open it using JSTorrent, which will start the download process.

The new and advanced JSTorrent is a BitTorrent client for Chrome that streams files easily. You can download streams directly to your Records folder and can handle large files (large gigabyte files) easily. It also works well on small Chromebook ARM pages.


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Guide: Downloading Torrent on Chromebook
Guide: Downloading Torrent on Chromebook
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