Guide: Install Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu

Guide: Install Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu

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Guide: Guide: Install Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu

Code Studio Visual is a well-known, powerful, cross-platform open source code editor developed by Microsoft. It gives developers tons of features and a hassle-free way to write and manage code. Code Studio Visual is a streaming code editor that provides a wide range of functions such as editing, syntax labeling, feature management, and code completion. You can insert, expand, generate, and hit different blocks of code using multiple editorial properties, such as: B. Description and code snippets.

Most people have confused Visual Studio with Visual Studio code. Visual Studio is exclusively available on Windows for Windows application development, while Visual Studio Code is a simple code editor available for many platforms.

Installing Visual Studio Code as a Purpose Pack

Visual Studio Code snap package is distributed and maintained by Microsoft. Snaps is a personal software package that includes binary all the features you need to run the application. Emotional reasons are easy to upgrade and secure. Unlike standard debts, snaps have a large disk drive and a long application start time.

Snap packs can be installed from either the command line or through the Ubuntu Software application. To insert the VS snap code, open your terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) and execute the following command:

sudo snap installed – classic code

That’s it. Visual Studio Code is installed on your Ubuntu device. If you like using a GUI, open Ubuntu Software, search for “Visual Studio code” and install the application. Whenever a new feature is released, the Code Studio Visual package will be automatically updated in the background.

Installing Visual Studio code with apt

Visual Studio code is available from official Microsoft Apt repositories. To install, follow the steps below:

  • Update indexes and add credits by performing the following command as a user with the following benefits: -sudo apt update -sudo apt install software-properties-common apt-transport-https wget
  • Import the Microsoft GPG key using the following wget command: -wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key extension
  • Activate Visual Studio code repository by typing: -sudo add-apt-repository “deb [arch=amd64] stable first “
  • Once the appropriate storage is activated, install the Code Studio Visual package: -sudo apt install code

When a new feature is released you can update the Code Studio Visual package through your desktop desktop software application or by performing the following commands on your terminal:

sudo apt upgrade

Getting Started Visual Studio Code

In the Services search tool enter “Studio Visual code” and click the icon to launch the application. When you start VS code for the first time, the following window should appear: VS code can also be launched from the command line by entering the code.


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