Guide: Program a Comcast Remote

Guide: Program a Comcast Remote

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Guide: Guide: Program a Comcast Remote

All Comcast Cable Boxes with remote control when rented from Comcast. By default, the remote control is set to work with cable box, RCA television and an RCA video recorder. If you have a non-RCA TV, VCR, or DVD player, you can also remotely control it to control the basic functions of your device. The new Comcast Xfinity remote controls allow you to work with your TV without having to google a remote control code. They can simply find the correct code after the events and introduce it to you.

For older Comcast USB subscribers

If you are on an older version of Comcast, use the remote control set-up box to complete these steps. But first, press the force button of your television separately to turn it on. Next, press and hold the Settings button at the top of the remote until the LED indicator light flashes twice. Press 9, 9, 1 and the light should illuminate twice more. If you do, you are open to continuing.

Start typing channels Up button on your remote control repeatedly – once for every one or second – until your television turns off. Be patient because this is the part where the remote is looking for the perfect code. When your TV is off, click Settings button once again to lock this programming code.

To test for a successful game, try turning your TV back on with Comcast remote control and also try to adjust the volume. Both of these should work.

For Xfinity X1 Cable and Remotes

The X1 platform seems to encourage the use of one more programming code. Fortunately, the software is built-in feature for automatically identifying the appropriate code. Click Xfinity / Menu button on your remote control (XR2, XR5, sound templates XR11) and select the Settings icon on the screen. Scroll down to Help.

In the Troubleshooting menu, select Remote Settings to the right. Soon, Xfinity will ask “Do you still want to control your TV using your remote control?” Select Yes to continue. Start typing your brand name with the alphabet on the screen. Scroll to select a name when it appears. Then, follow the on-screen steps to enter the 5 digit code or configuration code that is likely to work with your remote control.

When that is done, you can select All Set to indicate whether the code works. If not, Xfinity will recommend other codes to try. Use trial and error until remote control will work to turn on / off your TV and volume control.


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