Guide: Setup a Cisco Switch

Guide: Setup a Cisco Switch

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Guide: Guide: Setup a Cisco Switch

The first step is to check what application you are using before you start. We think you are using a Cisco converter you really want to know what signal it has. You also need to look at the exact location of the device and confirm that the links are not damaged in general. You can turn it on to make sure there is no damage to the electronics / references.

As long as you make sure the device is OK to go it is ready to start configuration. In this tutorial, we will configure the Cisco switch via command line interface (CLI) with the open source SSH / Telnet client client PuTTY (even if you can use another device you think you want). Eternally that under any circumstances clay is not possible for your setup, you can get comparable results with the choice of a PuTTY.

Steps to configure Cisco switch using CLI

Use an external emulator such as Telnet or a Putty to log in to the switch.

  • The first command prompt “Switch>” appears on the screen.
  • Click “Play” next to it and click “Enter”.
  • This will take you to the “EXEC” mode, also known as the Global Setting mode.
  • Go into configuration mode using the configuration port.
  • Enter one configuration command per line.

Switch # Configure terminal Switch (config) #

Provide a host name for the switch to work in a specific network area

Switch (config) #hostname switch Switch (config) #

Configure a control password (activate password)

Switch (config) # activates somestrongpass password

Configure default door

Switch (config) # ip default-gateway IP-address Switch # shows the ip route

Configure static path

Switch (config) # ip route dest_IP_address mask Switch # show running-config

Configure the description interface

Switch (config) #interface fastethernet 0/1 Switch (config-if) # Description Development VLAN

Clear Mac address table

switch # clear mac address-table

Set Duplex Mode

Switch (config-if) #duplex added

Exit interface configuration mode

Switch (config-if) #out Switch (config) #

Exit configuration mode

Switch (config) #out Switch #

Copy the running schedule into the startup schedule using the command below

Modify # memory build configuration… [OK]


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