Guide: Use Text Replacement on Mac

Guide: Use Text Replacement on Mac

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Guide: Guide: Use Text Replacement on Mac

Apple’s iPhone and iPad arguably need this feature more so because, no matter how good their keyboards are, they are on the screen and more difficult to use than physical buttons. However, if technology is different, the requirements are the same.

Ability to enter automatically words that closes the wrong pressure or phone the numbers and email addresses you need to enter regularly is one reason to buy a Mac. Windows users have to purchase third-party applications that will not work in every situation, but the Mac has something called right word replacement into its foundation.

How to use text shortcuts on Mac for quick typing

In most apps, you can automatically replace the text for the full sentences you have defined or create for the text shortcut. Replacing a word automatically with other words or icons, all you need to do is create a shortcut for it in the Keyboard Settings and use the text shortcuts on the Mac while typing.

  • On your Mac, click on the Apple menu in the upper left corner and select Settings Preferences.
  • Press the Keyboard and select the Word tab.
  • Now click Add button + in the lower left corner, then type the text to replace it in the Replace and replace it page in the With.

Now type the text shortcut you have included in the application and hit the Tab key or space on your keyboard, it will automatically replace your shortcut with the full sentence or text you added.


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